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  • Nov 28th, 2012 @ 3:25am

    Re: Re: Re:

    I'm the guy who wrote about Apple bashing on a French Mac site on ArsTechnica, and I've been an Apple user since 1991.
    You're misquoting me and you're telling nonsense.

    The thing that was irritating about you was not that you stated that Samsung was doing the same thing as Apple. It was that you were doing the same kind of bullshit that Fandroids do.
    Fandroids repeat over and over that Apple has a patent on all rectangle devices with rounded angles, which is incorrect, you had this weird claim that Samsung supposedly used a patent against every device with variable volume and sound output.
    In the debate, you chose to dumb it down. On AT, we get irritating people, but not people who reduce the case to rounded angles stuff. I didn't ask for moderation but I don't feel you had relevant contributions to the discussion.

    Then, the French Apple bashing, on MacBidouille/HardMac. You totally distorted my comment. I mentioned another group of Apple haters that weren't your average Open Source enthusiasts. I was pointing out that some of the complainers had been traditional Mac users for a long time, some of them even at a time Apple was truly beleaguered (wow... remember when you had to add "beleaguered" to Apple?), in the mid-90s.
    I don't know where you got your Gassée crap from, but if it's legal, I'd like to know where I can order some. This had nothing to do with Gassée or Spindler, or Amelio. And it has everything to do with Apple moving on other fields during the noughties, on the portable audio player, smartphone, and tablet businesses, with some success.
    A few prosumer Mac users feel estranged by the new Apple. Besides being understandably bothered by how Apple doesn't take care of their needs (the aging Mac Pro, Final Cut Pro X...), some of them have moved towards total bitterness and nastiness, including the site editor in chief, while his site might be the 2nd one in terms of traffic in France and French speaking European countries.
    As a a result, the news coverage has been surreal for one or two years. In my opinion, the forums are full of disgruntled guys who felt that they were members of the elite 1% in the 90s and early 00s, when they were physicians or "creatives" who used Macs for their needs, even if was more a symbol of status the way a BMW or a Rolex is.
    Now that Apple is also a consumer brand, they see the value of using Apple products severely reduced and thus their own sense of importance. Hence, in my opinion, the nastiness.
    They idealize how "great" Apple was in the early '00s, even if they fail to remember that the OS 9 - OS X transition was a rough one, the G4 was a true lame duck and Apple mostly survived thanks to the iPod being such a big hit.
    They will bitch endlessly about the focus on iPhone and iPad in Apple strategy compared to the Mac (and there, the focus on laptops against desktops) while failing to understand all the stats and news about the slump in the PC market, its own move from desktop to laptop and the booming market of tablets and other mobile devices.
    To sum it up, they bitch because Apple tries to fight on the battle front while disregarding their home turf from a decade or 15 years ago. They fail to see that the entire industry is now disregarding this, Apple being just more blunt than the others.
    As a result, we have on the forums for this French board tons of guys who claim that they got rid of every Apple device they had, and then still keep on writing a dozen posts every day on an Apple centered forum, just to bitch about the company that made their former computer. This is a ridiculous love-hate relationship, and I just used it as an example of how Apple was a target of passion even outside of the Android/Free Software community. You can't put everybody in the same sack.

    And, on the same principle, I don't think that your views were just one of a harmless Apple user. You were deliberately attacking Samsung with fabricated arguments that had little to do with the situation, in order to incense Android fans there and make the discussion even more lowbrow than it already was. You were rightfully flagged for that.