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  • Aug 25th, 2010 @ 1:15pm

    Old games

    Actually a game is a lot like a car, it does suffer from wear and tear. Have you tried to play doom on a window 7 pc? or Monkey Island? or any game over 10 years old? It doesn't work with out a new port of it or using DosBox. There are tons of old games that become relics as the new pc's emerge.

    I keep most every game I have bought, I like to be able to rummage my shelf and pull out a game I enjoyed for days on end. I also like to go to yard sales and find old games I missed playing as I didn't have the money back then.

    If a game studio wants my money, make a game that is worth playing for more then 10 minutes. Get away from chasing the movie titles with your crap games and create something new. And a little hint, it's not just about graphics. Game play is far more important to me.