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  • May 10th, 2010 @ 7:38am

    Frank really doesn't need Gail's help (as Duce)

    So if Gail can attempt to sue folks for covering Zappa tunes does that mean the grandchildren of those composers and musicians Frank "borrowed" from can now harass the Zappa legal mafia? Frank used so many other composers work both verbatim covers and some very obvious "borrowing" of rythmic and melodic structures. Lets see...there is Ravels Bolero...Stairway to Heaven...Whipping Post...countless examples of "borrowing" from Edgard Varèse, Anton Webern and a host other 20th century composers. Frank was always honest about his influences and payed them great respect.

    Frank Zappa was a highly origional composer and musician with out a single doubt, but like every great person they stand on the shoulders of giants. I dont really see that Gail Zappa is standing on Frank's shoulders...maybe his coat tails though. If Gail were a bigger person both intelectually and philosophically, she would take positive and generous actions to bring Franks music to more people. Despite the nepotism associated whith "Zappa Plays Zappa", it is just what Franks music needs to remain a living growing artistic expression. Who knows, maybe people outside the Zappa gene pool can actually bring somthing new to Franks music? Disrespectful you think? I doubt Frank would disagree if he had a say right now.

    None the less, Gail and the ZFT will never be able to undo or even uphold the Zappa legacy. Frank allready did all that work years ago and he didnt need Gails help then and his legend doesn't need her help now.

    Thank you very much Frank!