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Now at 11 consecutive years as Microsoft MVP. Wow, I'm getting old. Well, not THAT old.

Like gadgets of any description and often buy them just to take apart. I fix things bought at the dollar store rather than returning them. I love studying and often do topology or calculus problems to relax.

Most of the time, I watch Japanese, Chinese, and Korean dramas and movies. They have much to teach us. K-Pop is the best and it plays always in my car. People often say that "there is something funny" about me, but neither they nor I know exactly what that may be. Generally, animals and children trust me immediately, and thet trust is well-placed. I am the best babysitter ever. But I will only babysit children I love because otherwise they will not get the full devotion that they deserve.

I've been seeing a therapist for 5 years, but neither of us knows why. We talk about everything from space aliens to Gödelian computability. I don't believe I have ever been bored or depressed.

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