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  • Mar 4th, 2011 @ 4:54pm

    Guilt vs Innocence

    Is this trial by blog?
    I don't know exactly what the charges are,what evidence exists.
    What I do know is that his Guilt or Innocence is being determined by a jury of bloggers with scant knowledge of the events.
    If I take a superficial view of the events,I can assume that Google will also be charged with aiding and abetting by having posted links to torrent sites etc.
    If you download music etc for personal evaluation as to whether you like a band or soloist and then purchase a copy from a legitimate retailer if you do like what you have listened to, then the illegal act has in fact helped promote the artist. If not liked, then it has been a waste of internet quota and hard drive space.
    When it is done for commercial gain i.e. burning copies of music or movies for sale then that is UNETHICAL.
    Brian has not yet been to court and found guilty or innocent.
    Lets keep this blog a discussion of the pros and cons of the law and how it is enforced, what the implications are to freedom of speech and how control of the internet by governments can undermine our access to information.