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  • Mar 21st, 2020 @ 5:29am

    Charter Employee

    CEO Tom is either smoking crack or off his meds if he thinks people are more effective from the office right now. He has created a hostile work environment where everybody is trying to figure out who may have the virus. People are being shunned because they have allergies and it has turned into a very uncomfortable place that makes it hard to get any work done. All we can do about it is get our affairs in order and make sure we print the memos and e-mails and screen shot the ability to work from so our families will have them to sue the hell out of charter. I'm over 60 with diabetes and chronic bronchitis. My chances of dying from this virus are very real. What Charter is doing should be criminal. Imagine the CEO in a jail cell with someone who is waiting for their test results to come back while sneezing on him. He's old and expendable, right? Of course his $8.7 million yearly salary will have him out within an hour. Maybe could plead insanity and get the meds he obviously needs.

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