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  • Sep 27th, 2012 @ 11:38pm

    Enemy of WHICH state?

    For someone who likes to talk about the law, it's funny how you didn't talk about WHICH law applies and where.

    1. Assange is not a US citizen, but he does NOT live in the US. This is a worthless argument.
    2. It's of no consequence.
    4. Valid and relevant point.
    4. Assange has no rights under US law? That's questionable as he's a non-combatant in a foreign country. The UN Charter of Human Rights applies (Right to Life, Justice etc). The jurisdictional issue is key!
    5. He has the right to aid his own interests, he may oppose the US freely - without consequences! The US does not have the right to attack him or detain him abroad. Only if he chooses to visit the US, or can be extradited after having been charged with a [valid] crime (subject to conditions).

    You seem to forget that Mr. Hellfire is AN ILLEGAL ALIEN in the UK, Sweden and Australia. You and the US would have NO RIGHTS under their laws to do anything! Did you forget this? It would be an act of WAR! Pakistan is an exception, not the rule.

    Your national sovereignty, as you refer to, means nothing in a foreign jurisdiction. The key word being "national". He has plenty of rights as it stands, you can't take away rights you have no authority to grant him.

    You obviously have no legal degree, and not enough knowledge of international law or human rights.