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  • Nov 10th, 2011 @ 7:55am

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    Bless, she really is a little odd, isn't she? She doesn't get it that in the UK, the majority of online news site let you read their articles for FREE!

    "It is with regret that due to excessive usage of The North Country Gazette website which has caused numerous outages and extra costs as well abusive messages received by people who seem to believe that they should have unlimited free access and that we should work for nothing, certain articles including our extensive work on the Lennox case will now be available to subscribers only.

    This saddens us because it was our intent and still is to bring public awareness to the case as well as to the highly discriminatory breed specific legislation and unfair laws that are killing dogs in the United Kingdomand Northern Ireland simply because of the way they look. We had hoped that our efforts and work would help free Lennox and send him home where he belongs with his family and his bestest friend, little Brooke.

    In the past several days since we asked for donations to help defray the expenses of maintaining the website, only one person contributed and that person, known to us, was involved in conducting a ChipIn themselves, trying to raise money to bring their own dog home. We doubled their contribution to us and returned it to them, to help free their family pet.

    We were certainly willing to continue with our coverage of the cases and allowing free access if some contributions had been forthcoming to help with the costs. Sadly, there weren’t any. Instead, people berated us and in essence told us it was our DUTY and OBLIGATION to make the news available to them for nothing. Some of the comments became so abusive, it became necessary to disable the comment feature.

    One abusive message in particular bothered us. The woman accused us of “getting rich” from Lennox. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have incurred large expenses in opening our website to everyone instead of subscribers only, and donating our time and resources in covering the Lennox case and those of the other dogs and related issues. She seems to have a warped perception about the world and doesn’t think that the media should get paid for reporting the news. Apparently she thinks the media is an arm of the government, subsidized by the government. This isn’t Pravada. This is the United States of Americ.

    Its upsetting when there’s so much traffic from people who demand free access that it takes down the website for everyone and even I can’t access my account to post new articles or make administrative changes. Even the State of New York apparently believes that The North Country Gazette owes them free access and that they should have unlimited access at anytime they wish. It’s not gonna happen without a subscription or supporting advertising.

    Therefore, the only solution is to limit the access to stop the excessive costs and control the traffic.

    My heart goes out to the dogs—Lennox, Simba, Venus and the others who have been and are being victimized and especially their families. I sincerely hope that these dogs and the others who have not been so fortunate to have had media coverage, don’t have access to social media. Could I do it for them I would. I have tried to help those that I could. I’m extremely sorry that some individuals think big profits were realized or that our efforts weren’t sincere. 11-7-11"

  • Nov 10th, 2011 @ 7:24am

    Re: Threatened, two days ago ...

    Oh she's back is she? She de-activated her Facebook page for a while after getting a lot of stick on a page about a dog taken under BSL. She was asked by the dog's owners not to use anything because she had such a lot of bad press. She then went on to threaten 'you people' for badmouthing her.

    She just trawls the internet and copies, word for word, what other sites post on their pages.

    For a journo you'd think she'd know the difference between 'libel' and 'liable'...says a lot about her really!

  • Oct 17th, 2011 @ 12:34pm

    (untitled comment)

    This is brilliant! I know I'm a year behind but I've just been threatened by June Maxam. She claims she's 'investigating' a story about Lennox, a dog seized by Belfast City Council under BSL laws. All she's doing is regurgitating info and opinions and passing them off as investigating! Oh and apparently the NCG is known the world over which is why 'they' asked her to do this. I have no idea who 'they' is and didn't want to ask her in case she charged me for the information!