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  • Nov 11th, 2014 @ 7:30pm

    Title II and Common Carrier is not the be all and end all for Net Neutrality (as A Network Engineer)

    Alright, everyone shares the infrastructure and gets cheap internet. Sounds good, but one can only wonder who is going to pay the multiple trillions of dollars it will cost to blanket this country with wall to wall fiber to the premise installations that are essential for the gigabit symmetric connections everyone wants. Title II will not solve the problem; rather, it will greatly decrease the performance of networks. Yes everyone will have a connection that can not be tampered with, but will it be fast? Don't count on it. I support regulation to prevent carriers from influcing conections based on their business preferences which, as far as I can tell, is all anyone actually cares about in this whole debate. You just have to understand that everything costs money and someone has to pay for it. Usage and the demand for faster speed is quickly growing to a point where the cost for infrastructure to keep up is unbelievable. I'm a network engineer for a small wireless ISP also known as a WISP. I've helped design a network to reliably serve about 1000 customers. I have an interesting perspective in this debate as I am a carrier, but a very small one with no interests in reducing performance of certain services in favor of others. I see the usage and I see the unbelievable strain it puts on my network and I know that it is impossible for me to keep the doors open and make huge upgrades to keep up with the ever growing amount of usage without charging my customers hundreds for internet because bandwidth and infrastructure is so expensive. This is a problem all carriers face. While yes large telcos have large piles of money around and I don't; they don't have enough to do what people want and that's more internet for less money. It is just not sustainable; the money has to come from somewhere. If you want blazing fast internet for little money, I promise you classifying ISPs under Title II or as common carriers is not what you want.