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  • Feb 7th, 2013 @ 9:33am

    Games Workshop

    I called the Games Workshop customer service number to complain about the treatment of MCA Hogarth. The number is 800-394-4263 for the United States, please call them. They told me that I had to contact the legal department in the UK. I sent them an email at legal@gwplc.com. They send me back a form letter. So I called them in the UK. In order to do this I had to stock my Skype account that I never use and it costs me like $0.60 for the call. I talked to a nice British guy that said their legal team would not talk to me. Please call him at 44-011509140000 and tell him that you are not happy with the treatment of authors by this company.

    Below is a copy of what they sent me in their eamil. As you can see it doesn't say anything.

    Thank you for your email to Games Workshop Group PLC's legal department.

    · If your email is in respect of an infringement of Games Workshop intellectual property, such as counterfeiting, we would ask you to kindly forward that email to


    Please be aware that any emails that are not related to an infringement of Games Workshop rights will be deleted from the infringement@gwplc.com mailbox.

    · If your email is in respect of a legal query, we would encourage you to review in detail our Intellectual Property policy on the internet. This policy contains comprehensive information in relation to what you can and cannot do with our intellectual property without a license. Please log on at: http://legal.games-workshop.com. Any query that you have in respect of Games Workshop’s intellectual property should be answered by that policy.

    If in the unlikely event that your query is not answered by the IP policy or if your query is not about intellectual property matters, we would ask for your patience with regard to a detailed reply as, unfortunately, some emails are inadvertently identified as SPAM by our filters. If you have not had a response within a reasonable period of time we would invite you to forward your email to LegalQ@gwplc.com To speed up the process we would encourage you to prefix the subject header of your email with the words: "Legal Query".

    This is an automated email response.

    Yours faithfully,
    Games Workshop Group PLC Legal Department

    Games Workshop Group PLC
    Willow Road
    NG7 2WS
    +44 (0)115 9168100