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  • Warner Tells Kid Rock To Denounce File Sharing; He Denounces Warner Instead

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 18 Jun, 2008 @ 11:49pm

    He did NOT steal the music.

    Fitting considering he stole the music for his new single from Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London"


    Since I BOUGHT THE CD, I got this thing called a "booklet" which has these things called "liner notes" with lyrics and writing and musician credits and for "All Summer Long" it clearly credits the writers of "Werewolves of London" and "Sweet Home Alabama." Nowadays, labels demand that every fraking identifiable sample and interpolation be cleared and licensed lest they get sued down the line. You can quibble as to how creative Kid Rock may or not be by doing this mashing up, but there's no question that he didn't "steal" the music.

    Yeah, he put his foot in his mouth about stealing gas, but the core points - that the labels and retailers claim the lions share for themselves and screw the artists whose interests they claim to protect - are still valid.

  • Bad Ideas: Instituting Artificial Scarcity To Annoy Fans Into Buying Now

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 03 Jun, 2008 @ 02:11pm

    Orwell Would Be Proud!

    This guys is straight out of "1984": Scarcity is plenty! Lack of choice is greater choice! Limits are freedom!!

    Only a moron or Democrat (same diff) would espouse such a counterintuitive and authoritarian concept. Instead of trying to meet customers' desires, he wants the customer to live and spend at the seller's discretion. "You will rush to purchase NOW or cope with the fear of missing out! I don't care if you don't have the time or money or interest - DO IT!!!! I COMMAND YOU!!!!" Uh, pass.

    Fallout 3 is coming soon. Under this mook's dumb idea you won't be able to play the first two classic games because you didn't jump on your last opportunity to buy. In a time when the ability to have just about every game ever made available to purchase via digital distribution without having to spend anything pressing and shipping boxes - all you need is some server space and bandwidth - the idea of going back to a Model T-era model (i.e. You can have whatever you want as long as it's what we want to sell you and when) is a sign of mental deficit.

  • RIAA, MPAA In Denial About The Death Of DRM

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 09 May, 2008 @ 05:41am

    Who da man?

    Did anyone else read this: ""We need DRM to show our customers the limits of the license they have entered into with us." and picture an abusive husband saying, "I need smack my bitch up to show my woman the limits of the relationship she has entered into with me."?

    As EA is about to discover with their DRM fisting of Mass Effect and Spore, when you persist in treating your paying customers as if they are criminals, they may start to live down to your expectations.

  • Microsoft Finally Kills Off Datacasting SPOT Watches

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 24 Apr, 2008 @ 09:38pm

    Well, that explains...

    ...why today felt no different from any other day.

  • ABC Tries To Limit How Other Networks Report On Debate; Networks Ignore ABC

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 22 Apr, 2008 @ 10:25am

    ABC means....

    Awwwww, Barack Cracked!

    What the Obamessiah's slavering fans need to understand is that if their favored candidate can't withstand the gentlest scrutiny about his long-term associations with racists and domestic terrorists, and can't square away his militant anti-gun, extreme pro-abortion, and Marxist economic theories and states that he doesn't care if cutting taxes raises revenue when he can't punish achievement in the name of fairness, WTF is he going to do when pressed by foreign terrorists and dictators seeking to harm America and our allies? Are they going to cry that North Korea and Iran are being meanieheads?

  • Creative Labs Stops Guy From Making Its Technology Work Better

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 31 Mar, 2008 @ 08:45am

    Lazy Developers Made Creative King

    The Aureal A3D Vortex/Vortex 2 products had marvelous sound quality, BUT implementing was labor intensive for best results. Creative's awful initial EAX solutions offered devs an easy way to ladle canned reverb all over the place and thus the seeds of Creative's dominance have grown.

    The problem is that after they get your money for their sound cards, they abandon you for the other half of the equation: the drivers! Dan_K (any relation to Jeff K.?) has proven that the problems with driver support are either due to CL's incompetence (likely) or willful neglect (even more likely) and they finally decided they couldn't stand being shown up any more. Unfortunately, they chose precisely the wrong means to silence him and are not going to suffer the righteous wrath of those they've screwed over with poor support. A smart company would've put him on the payroll, smothered him in NDAs and then black-holed all his work. Creative ain't that smart, so instead they'll use IP laws to silence him with the community able to bear witness to their bullying. Again, not smart.

  • Movie Theaters Finally Realizing They Need To Compete With, Not Whine About, Home Theaters

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 25 Mar, 2008 @ 02:30pm

    Allow Judge Dredd Tactics On Talkers!

    My g/f and I used to average a movie per weekend, sometimes two during blockbuster seasons, but about a year and a half ago we suddenly stopped going. Where there used to be nearly 20 screens on the east side of Detroit, the closest theater is a crummy AMC/Star that is a 25 mile roundtrip and frequently has jacked up picture and sound because there is no local competition to encourage them to maintain quality. For the $5 in gas it takes to just get to the theater, we can wait a few months for the DVD to hit the bargain bins at Blockbuster and then own it for not much more than a rental would cost.

    The largest problem beyond escalating prices and poor presentation is something the theaters can't prevent, but can deal with: RUDE AUDIENCES! Since requiring manners has been banished from society as a remnant of "bad-ol'-days morality fascism", people actually get belligerent if you try to shush them for repeating lines on the screen, talking on their cell phones, talking to their pals, eating like they are at a trough, etc. People are afraid they'll get a cap busted in their asses if they turn around, so they suffer silently and then stay home. If theaters had ushers on patrol to make these goons STFU or they allowed permitted patrons to summarily execute talkers, like Judge Dredd, then the movie-going experience would be much better.

  • Activision Sues Gibson In Response To Claims That 'Guitar Hero' Violates Patent

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 13 Mar, 2008 @ 07:51am

    Snobs = Suck

    Most people wouldn't run around shrieking at gamers who play Madden, "You couldn't quarterback a pro football team!"; tell Forza players, "You can't race a real car!"; chastise WoW players about the lack of real spell-casting skills; or scold shooter players, "You'd die in a real war cuz there's no health packs!"; yet they have no compunctions about sneering at Guitar Hero/Rock Band players that they're "stoopid" because they aren't playing real instruments.

    Here's a news flash, Sparky: a LOT of musicians, REAL musicians, play and love the GH/RB games. They understand the differences between "real" and "pretend" and are cool with it. Oddly, some excellent real musicians are totally mediocre at these games because they're used to playing ahead or behind of the beat and the games require precise adherence to the grid.

    I'm a songwriter-singer-guitarist who can sing and play some rather complicated parts at the same time and I'm toast at anything above Medium difficulty while kids with no musical training can clobber the games on Expert and clog YouTube with the proof.

    I wonder what, ahem, shortcomings these haters are attempting to compensate for? Granted, I've also encountered musicians who think GH is the most retarded thing ever, but they're unhappy losers who have bitterness issues beyond some video game's influence.

    The bottom line is that if people are having fun, what's your problem, Francis? It's interesting to see starter guitar kits being stocked at Beast Buy and Target? Could it be that some of the 14 million buyers of Guitar Hero games have decided to give the real thing a shot?

  • Did Anime Producers Go From Embracing Fansubbers To Blaming Them?

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 28 Nov, 2007 @ 01:15am

    Re: Re: Value = price

    I was just thinking recently about how "price", "value", and "worth" are frequently used interchangeably when they are actually subtly, but crucially, different. It's like Chris Rock's bit about "rich" vs. "wealthy": "Shaq is rich. The guy who writes Shaq's paycheck is wealthy."

    Anime pricing is the most insane of all. MSRPs of typical TV series run from $30-$60 per season of ~22 episodes. "Star Trek" sets were priced over $100 each and HBO used to charge $80-$90 per 13-episode box. While the latter two examples are the high end of the spectrum, they're bargains of price and convenience compared to having to pay over a period of six months nearly $200 for a season of whatever anime you seek.

    Translation and dubbing costs money and licensing can be quite expensive, but that only makes the black-market so much more viable. If anime was sold for $10-$15 a disc, they would have trouble keeping it on the shelves. It's the same thing that killed the music biz: They wanted to charge $20 to people who wanted to pay a buck a tune. Instead of meeting this demand, they ignored the threat of Napster and after 8 years of lawsuits, the public downloads music out of spite as much as economics or plain old theft.

    Fansubs whetted people's appetites for new animes; people wanted them; but studios didn't move fast and smart enough. They gave their customers the choices of:

    1. Fansubbed, fast and free, or...

    B. Legal and official, but late, altered and very expensive.

    Hmmmmm....some choice.

  • Did Canadian Politicans Give In To Hollywood's Demands On Copyright Reform?

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 28 Nov, 2007 @ 12:38am

    Who cares if Canucks lose their rights?

    At least their socialized health care will still be "free"!