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  • Aug 2nd, 2011 @ 5:47am

    DICE AGE.... Amazing!

    20th Century Coxs is part and parcel of what's wrong here in the U.Sue of A... makeup your own word here.
    Big companies with lots of money and nerve go after small upstart companies like this gentleman's, solely on sound alike verbiage... that they them selves "steal" or is that "borrow" every-time they make a product.
    Whether its a city back ground and its citizens that never get any part of the box office proceeds or the use of a name like the term "Ice Age" that existed decades before their product ever existed. Using items like guns and airplanes in their movies where the inventors are never compensated. or the worse of the worse, the hapless writer who's script is stolen, who who was under payed for his property..... go figure! It's a no brainer.