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  • Aug 17th, 2017 @ 8:41am

    Eisner's original motive

    The worst irony for loads of ex-ABC "lifers": Michael Eisner stated his reason for originally buying ABC, was that he wanted Disney to own ESPN. Meanwhile ABC radio & TV are destroyed in the process.

  • Jun 23rd, 2011 @ 9:12am


    I've worked in Media for thirty years, for many large companies under all kinds of "interesting" folks riddled with addictions, perversions, and other quirkish tics of personality. One of those large companies was Disney, as I entered my 15th year with ABC (having healthily survived the CapCities takeover in 1985). During Union negotiations at that time, I found an illegal listening device, placed in an area "where Union members are likely to gather". Took the info in good faith to my senior Union officer (with whom I'd worked the entire time). A little over a year later, I could only describe Disney as a whole, as mentally ill at best, and purely evil at the more likely worst. Disney blacklists, owns the Courts (especially in Southern California), and doesn't give a damn about "family" in any form, unless that given form is spending money with Disney at that moment. If two or more Disney honchos take a personal distaste to any individual employee, they are issued carte blanche by the Company to harass, fabricate and blacklist to the point of poverty. I will always thank Disney for showing me the worst of human nature, and for eliminating any sense of pride or loyalty I could ever feel--indeed, for the very feeling of "being STUCK having to make a living", knowing that playground-like tactics can and do thoroughly derail honest careers, with full sanctions by the Courts, and promoters of the "system". As for the basic subject, compare "Lion King" with "Simba"...and get 'hold of some pre-Disney A.A. Milne-edition Pooh/etc., featuring the Disneyectomied humanoid foil Christopher Robin...perfect for a six-year old, without all the overcommercialized Disney bastardization. And how about that sweet ending for Disney's "Pocahontas", who actually died of venereal disease in England, in her early 20s? Lots of companies fit lots of descriptions; Disney is satan.

  • Jul 10th, 2010 @ 3:22am

    Whaddaya expect?

    This should demonstrate the true evil power of Disney, more so than any god or devil, which some in Southern California have seen manifested through Disney's hold over Judges and other facets of the SoCal legal system. Upon its engorgement of ABC, eager Disney managers/political hacks gleefully proved their unending loyalties to the Mausreich, by targeting certain seemingly-indispensible longtime key ABC employees, then using varied means to destroy their careers. These tactics included manufacture of then-new-Internet "evidence", alleging abuses such as pornography downloads (the more creative such efforts involved allegedly-visited URLs of BOTH Straight and Gay sites!), along with wrongful terminations and subsequent Blacklisting of individuals. Some of these Employees (especially those represented by NABET) proceeded to seek redress in the Courts, only to be met with moves designed strictly to intimidate, including the "purchases" of Plaintiffs' attorneys, and no doubt of Judges as well...all with full silent-sanction gladly surrendered by Disney-pocketed NABET hacks). After all, everyone (especially in SoCal and Central Florida) has fond loving memories of frolicking along Disney lanes hand in hand with Mickey, Minnie and Pluto (appropriately named after the Roman god of the Underworld)...how could these wonderful, family-minded, sweet thangs possibly propagate, or even merely represent such evil?? Employees facing critical life-junctures due to age and other circumstances were played against each other like Chess pieces, by overpaid Disney-legal tools, and even by approved outside-attorney firms, manned by old Law School colleagues of said tools...all under the full shuffling smiling approval of NABET. Plenty of good times were had by these purveyors of Wonderful Family Fun, assembling as one to snort rails of cocaine off the career-corpses of the once loyal and valued. In one case involving an ABC man who found a blatantly-illegal listening device during NABET talks, in an area known to house Union employees, Federal laws involving just those circumstances, as well as so-called "whistleblower" and anti-retaliation statutes might as well have been nonexistent; they were most certainly ignored by all involved in "the system", at Disney's corporate behest. Now in 2010, I am surprised to see that this Disney-orchestrated wielding of the actual Federal structure itself, took so long to occur. Heil Walt!