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  • Aug 11th, 2011 @ 9:04pm

    Oh the pretense

    For all of you who play an "instrument" knocking this kid, please post your YouTube video with 3M hits.

    He obviously had a song in his head and could have created it by humming or la-la ing the whole tune. Fact of the matter is he brought a song to life with what he could find and it sounds great.

    You could make the same argument about sampling for the Art of Noise and if any of you self-proclaimed musicians think you could keep up with Anne Dudley or Trevor Horn in regards to musical skill, then it's time for dose of Lithium because the grandiosity is starting to seep out.

    There are plenty of crap remixes as there are also plenty (if not more) volumes of crap "music" by so called "real musicians" playing instruments.