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  • Mar 28th, 2013 @ 10:54am

    Matthew Chan really crossed the line.

    Yes, Linda Ellis is a vile extortionist.

    I read the details of her claim against Matthew Chan here:

    I have concluded that Matthew Chan richly deserved the restraining order. He made constant and very creepy threats always in a veiled but highly aggressive and frightening manner.

    He often covered his ass by making obvious threats in the same paragraph with re-assurances he wouldn't do anything "illegal."

    QUOTE: "There are people who hate you and looking to put you into the ground. [...]But I will leave a few nuggets to let you know I mean business. [...] It wouldn't take much to push me over the edge on this."

    Those are death threats. That's way beyond "stupid comments." I would have sought a protection order myself under such circumstances, and were I a judge, I would have judged against him as well.

    I also understand, in the context of Chan using a forum to publish death threats and whipping up followers into a frenzy, that the judge shut him up for good re: Ellis.

    Ellis is still a reprehensible extortionist and her poem is as trite and uninspired as she is. It's still not right to devote a forum to threats of violence, stalking and/or death.