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  • Jul 6th, 2011 @ 1:07pm

    Re: Some theatres are doing quite well

    I was going to mention the Warren in Wichita. You could get drinks and real food delivered in comfortable seating. There was one in Wichita's Old Town area that I thought missed the boat because the whole theater was food service - in fact, there was almost no snack bar at all - and as a result, there were servers going through the theater delivering stuff while the movie was showing. Probably great for a date where you were more interested in your partner than the movie, but not so much if you really wanted to see the show.

    The balcony experience at the east-side theater, on the other hand, was much more controlled.

    Oh, and both of them, for obvious reasons, had really wide spacing between rows. That was a real benefit all by itself!