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  • What Would Happen If Social Networking Sites Charged

    David Title ( profile ), 29 Jul, 2009 @ 09:28am

    Friendster's "death"

    Sort of unrelated, but the real reason, as I understand it, that Friendster lost the SM war here in the US was an ill-fated idea to let you see who had been checking out your profile. This seemingly tiny change screwed up the whole dynamic and suddenly one couldn't just "check someone out" without their knowledge.

    Everyone admits to some FB-stalking and it's part of the site's success that it allows this to a point. Friendster's mistake was not considering charging its users but instead it was exposing their users.

    Also, interesting to note that Friendster remains extremely successful in Asia, though competition is heating up in that market.

  • Can Someone Please Tell Us How You Determine What's A 'Legal' Search Engine From An 'Illegal' One?

    David Title ( profile ), 26 Jun, 2009 @ 10:27am

    How about OVGuide?

    I really wonder about sites like OVGuide.com or ChannelSurfing.net(maybe .com?) since they also provide direct links to a slew of content that is not being lawfully broadcast.

    Anyone going to those sites is not there for what would be considered "legal" viewing.

    Of course, going after them is a lot easier than going after those posting the questionable content.

    Neither approach will have much effect on closing the barn doors now that the horse is well gone.

  • Is It Really So Wrong For A Reporter To Have An Opinion?

    David Title ( profile ), 04 Jun, 2009 @ 01:55pm

    BBC Reporters Not So Nice...

    I listen to the BBC World Service podcast each morning on my walk to work and NPR news on the way home.

    One big difference is the style of interviewing when it comes to guests who are either less than forthcoming or seem to be trying to hide from facts.

    On the BBC, reporters really press guests and challenge them, often stopping just short of calling people liars. I have actually found myself feeling excited just listening since I know this won't just be another sounding board for talking points.

    Anyone looking for interviews with a bit more bite should check out the BBC. Oh, you'll also discover just how much major world news you miss hearing about if you are only exposing yourself to NPR/CNN et. al.

  • High School Doesn't Overreact To Fight Video Getting On YouTube

    David Title ( profile ), 08 Apr, 2009 @ 02:19pm

    Big Brother, et. al.

    While it's encouraging to see some school officials not over-reacting to a video on YouTube this part of his quote was kind of chilling:

    "This should remind our students that they're not going to get away with anything. If you try something like this, you're going to be seen on a security camera or on someone's cell phone...."

    In other words, Big Brother is watching AND he might be YOU!