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  • Nov 19th, 2010 @ 10:26am

    Does it turn on a word??

    One wonders what might have happened if instead of "cheating" the students had been called out for "stealing"?

    I'm assuming that the test bank is not public domain, and that the students accessed it illicitly. Rather than arguing fine points about the definition of "cheat", why not applaud the students for creative preparation AND address the more broadly applicable concepts of intellectual property rights and piracy?

    Could it be that the professor's simplistic "cheating" accusation rather than teaching about today's real-world ethics issues is a sign that he's a bit past his prime?

    Much like copying some else's music or movies is a violation despite how easy it is to do, illicit use of the test bank would constitute stealing regardless whether or not the test bank publisher's mechanism has security flaws. Seems this is a missed opportunity to touch on the importance of personal integrity and respect for other people's rights and property.