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  • Jun 29th, 2012 @ 12:42pm

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    As a from-birth-hard-of-hearing person, I'm glad to see some action in forcing subtitles. I use lip reading in conjunction with sound to understand conversations. I don't watch TV/DVDs without captioning (and hate the delayed captioning on some shows). However, I don't think Netflix is the right company to sue, it should be the media companies in control of the distribution of the product that don't provide: closed captioning over the air (like AMC's first season of Walking Dead.), words to songs that are played (a very small minority do), or closed captioning on DVDs (in reality a small minority don't and usually older DVDs).
    There ought be an exception in copyright law to allow companies, if not the producers of product then third parties, the opportunity comply with ADA instead a complicated mess of rights and revenue streams.