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  • Feb 15th, 2014 @ 8:48am


    Actually this is a legit gig, and yes the ad is exactly as it states. I have been doing this for the last 5 years and it isn't easy..JUST as the ad states..However, once you do it for a while you will notice patterns and know which areas are more prone to pirate particular fights. It is a whole lot easier when you have someone to go with you because trying to find parking places to be in a bar for less than 3-5 min gets expensive and wastes time. I have made over 1100 in a 4 hour window and as little as 0 in a 6 hour window with expenses that don't get reimbursed. Gas, parking, entry fee's when there is no pirated event on, etc. But when you do get a hit, entry fee's are reimbursed and YES if you do video you get paid more. It is not a job for the dumb, non creative, confrontational, timid, or even for the lazy, last 20$ in my pocket type of person.

  • Aug 24th, 2011 @ 7:56am

    There will always be doubters

    Why not get up and work..Yes this company pays and YES it is exactly as the ad says. If you go in groups it is a lot easier to get the pirated clubs bas, shoe stores, and resturaunts. The fights cost just as you are required to pay but bars are charged based on how many people fit inside. Is it fair for an owner to stream a fight from his laptop FOR FREE charge you 6.00 for a beer and a 20 cover charge. NO..So why feel sympathy for them. Just as they feel they are making a living so am I....

    Please speak of what you know, and if you are ready for this coming Saturday's UFC so am I.. HOPE TO SEE you paying at these bars while I see the fight and GET PAID.. My checks in the mail......