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  • Aug 2nd, 2012 @ 4:58pm


    I'm a regular podcast listener (Kevin Pollak, Nerdist, MacBreak, Twit, Bullseye, Freakonomics, On the Media, WTF, Larry Miller, Talkin Toons, The Future and You, and Penn's Sunday School) who would be interested in a TechDirt podcast. I really enjoy the weekly round-up of the best comments and would enjoy listening to a regular host discuss those posts with that week's comment reviewer. When possible, getting in contact for a quick Q&A, over Skype, with some of the authors/subjects of that week's posts would be good, too. Not necessarily for a whole 30/40-minute podcast, but for a quick 5-min back and forth. Please avoid the phrase "Thanks for having me on." It means, "I appreciate that you were kidding me."