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  • Mar 6th, 2015 @ 3:56am

    Free Market

    I thought we lived in a capitalist country with a free market, supply and demand, etc. If people want to go to the movie they can, if they would rather stay home and watch it, that's their choice. To the victor goes the spoils. Me, I would rather spend $1.50 to watch a movie in the comfort of my home, than $50.00 at the movie theater!If the movie theater chains are so upset, either improve their product, or reduce their prices. It's ridiculous paying $4.50 for a medium soda, $5.00 for a small box of candy, or $4 - 6.00 for popcorn. If Netflix's business model is cutting into your market share, think outside the box and improve your business model (i.e., raffle off 4 free tickets a day for a future premium movie or something similar that will attract return clients). You could give discounted tickets for less desired seats or you can sit on your a** and cry, or pay lawyers to fight a battle in Court and increase your expenses! Think, decide, and act!