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  • Apr 11th, 2020 @ 6:46am

    Re: Disinformation

    Disinformation/Misinformation are the ancient tools used to pit people and societies against each other.
    Targeted individuals of the STASI East Berlin 1930's lost everything. Today I simply witness a repeat of this ancient tool being used against society and individuals again.
    Supposedly, the Nazi's where eliminated...or where they? Who are the real Nazi's? Because this game is all about control of the masses and Hitler isn't here!
    The Rothschild family however is here. Without conspiracy and fact alone, this family has ruled finances for over 200 years.
    They own central banks in all countries except 3. They killed Gaddafi so they could take Lybian gold and control the country. Gaddafi refused to trade with the US.
    The Rothschilds also created Crypto currency and the dark web silk road etc...using the veil of privacy as the catch to lure people into a cashless society where they would have full control and no one would get ahead or own anything unless they became puppets for them. Cashless society exposes us all to the complete domineering will of the establishment PTB puppets to the Rothschilds family Hence the end of all human freedoms.
    Covid-19 is a real virus, created to begin the depopulation, program, to place fear into the people, to pit people against each other in fear and complete final division of the masses through self isolation!
    There are only limited option to stop this.
    Protect yourself first with D3 vitamins lots of water and potassium.
    Shop at local small business stores no malls or large department stores or grocery stores if possible.
    Use cash only...get rid of debit and credit cards.
    Pay rent in cash and accept only cash in payment for anything owed to you.
    If you employ people, pay them in cash no direct deposit.
    If you pay bills through direct deposit STOP! Write a check or pay cash.
    Cash cash cash! Any small local store refusing cash is operating on behalf of the Nazi totalitarian government! Do not shop with them...SHOP only where you can use cash and where cash is appreciated. It's your only defeat. RESIST help your neighbors if you can .

    Be safe and well everyone! Peace, Love, Guidance, Protection!

  • Apr 11th, 2020 @ 6:18am

    Re: Tracking

    Tracking is tracking and with every person who volunteers out of fear ( used to control the masses) we are, that much closer to the finale.
    They're already tracking everyone (without consent) this is just what they need to get consent and get themselves out of major law suits for violations of privacy.
    When will everyone learn? When is everyone going to put down their dependency on iPhone and Google?

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