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  • Jun 13th, 2011 @ 8:33am

    pseudafedrine laws ga

    I have had severe allergies since childhood and require medication, including pseudafedrine during peak pollen seasons (in Ga March-Oct). Dosage is 2 tabs per day. So, if the police are going to monitor my purchases, which would be 4 bxs(10 pills)per month, am I going to have to sue someone when I get arrested? The meth is coming across the border of Mexico by the tons. Now the pharmacist has to sign off on all purchases in addition to the DL info and signature required in GA. Yet there is still a major meth problem. Obviously, it is not the citizens of GA buying through the pharmacies that our cooking the meth. I am sick to death of our government screwing with the voters of this country, when they can't keep a handle on the real drug problems in this country. It is typical and knee-jerk reaction we have come to expect from the dim-witts we elect. It is also a HIPPA violation to disclose medication and health info. I can see that barcode tattoos are in our future very soon.