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  • Nov 8th, 2010 @ 11:46am

    I know, but....

    I voted, for better or worse, to keep the cameras.

    I'm of two minds on this- Earlier, I received a ticket for not stopping fully before turning right at Richmond and Dunvale. I watched the video and found they were right. As indignant as I was, I did run the damned light, and did deserve the ticket. Now, I go out of my way now to not do this anymore, primarily at intersections that I know have cameras installed. So is it reasonable to say that these lousy things increase safety? Maybe. I haven't looked at the data yet beyond my own experience.

    On the other hand, when the only concern voiced by city officials after the vote was a lament over lost revenue, I initially said piss on'm- I'm glad the vote went the way it did. This was, however, the only response published in the Chronicle. As (Ahem) reliable, neutral and comprehensive as our media is known to be, might they have only included that one remark (of several) in the story? I don't know. There may have been another, more public-safety focused statement that didn't make it.

    So, assuming there is no abuse occurring (short yellows, etc)... Do you quit the whole thing because someone's making money from it? There are nuances to this issue that go beyond those raised by the pissed-off ambulance chaser that started this after getting his own ticket.