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  • Apr 29th, 2010 @ 11:28pm

    Call me when recess is over, children

    I do love Techdirt, but this is poorly thought out and really just sour grapes:

    "Nearly every accusation Jobs levels at Adobe and its products can be made about Apple and the way it seeks to control iPhone app development."

    What? The iPhone is built by...wait for it...Apple. OF COURSE they want to control iPhone app development. Why shouldn't they? More importantly, why does it offend your delicate sensibilities?

    Argue that it's a bad business model (which the latest earnings statements say is wrong, but okay...whatever). Argue that it's bad for the developer ecosystem (aaannnd, wrong again. Lots of folks building cool things and making lots of money at the App Store). Or just say it pisses you off not to be able to choose your own tools (Okay. I can see why it would). But spare us the self-righteous moaning. It's undignified and really tiresome.