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  • Sep 28th, 2011 @ 3:46am

    Re: Re: ...not long remembered.

    Those are my words. Why are you asking for a citation?

    BTW, it should read

    "In the end, what is more important, a person's name or the words they add to the discussion."
    Was in a hurry when I wrote the post.

  • Sep 27th, 2011 @ 10:17am

    ...not long remembered.

    While personally, I believe that if you feel the need to say something then you ought to own up to it, that does not that I have a right to force that belief on everyone.

    On April 12, 2002 - Jonathan Turley (a nationally recognized legal scholar) wrote

    "Anonymous writing was employed by the political figures who first articulated the foundations for the American republic. In the Federalist Papers and other publications, contemporary readers could only theorize on the true identity of “Brutus,” “Publius,” “Cato,” “Centinel,” “The Federal Farmer,” and “Junius.” The decision of individuals like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison to write under assumed names was not viewed in the least odd or suspicious at the time. Rather, the anonymous voice in politics was viewed as an honored practice."

    It seems to me that if our founding fathers found that the use of anonymity to be of such importance and that it was viewed as an honored practice, then why argue about it now unless you are willing to say that these men were cowards and failures.

    The point is to open a dialogue, not to stifle it. And if you are really interested in what people have to say, then putting up road blocks to stifle it should be the last thing you want. In the end, what is more important, a persons name or the words they at to the discussion.

    Yes, this allows for a people to abuse it. However, you cannot have freedom without the risk of abuse and more often than not, those who abuse it are typically ignored anyways. Regardless of how much you try to stop them, haters will always find a way to spew their venom. There really is no way of stopping it.

    Those that fear this type of discourse are typically those that are afraid of the truth.