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  • How Dr. Seuss's Lawyers Ruined Christmas

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 25 Nov, 2008 @ 03:45pm

    I find this amazingly ironic...

    ...seeing as how Dr. Seuss' works have been whored out in so many ways that are utter travesties to everything it represented... books, movies, all kinds of media that bear almost no resemblance to the author's original works.

    It's possible, even likely, the lawyers are in the right, yet this would probably represent something much truer to the works of the good Dr. than the horrible atrocities his name has been attached to since he passed on.

    Charles Schulz got it right. Peanuts would end with him. It's sad, but we have 50 years worth of comics, books, TV shows and movies that are wonder examples of the artist's work and won't be ruined by idiotic marketing droids and other greedy hacks.

  • EA Sued Repeatedly Over DRM

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 10 Nov, 2008 @ 12:33pm

    Re: I'm a [insert your choice of words here].

    It's not the being honest part... it's the part where the people who pirate it get a better value than the people who pay. In other words, even if the game were free, the DRM is such a penalty that it would still keep people from using it.

    Remember, kids, you're paying for that privilege.

    Or in my case, not, because I don't buy (or pirate) games with DRM.

  • Want To Know Just How Bad Security Is For E-Voting Machines?

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 21 Oct, 2008 @ 12:30pm

    Re: Re: Tech hacks of Voting Machines

    Wait a minute, there are hackers who want to cheat to elect the only politician who even seems nominally honest in the past 20 years?!

    I think my irony-meter just broke.

  • The Traditional Banner Ad Business May Be In Even More Trouble Than You Think

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 16 Oct, 2008 @ 06:20pm

    Re: Re: Re: I agree with Ryan

    Um, the word "Duh!" comes to mind. They're getting revenue, aren't they?

    If they are smart, they'll continue using banner ads as long as they provide revenue. That's kind of the point, don't you think?

  • Disney Used Anonymous Online Quotes In Ads

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 07 Oct, 2008 @ 04:36pm

    Re: Fair Use

    Congratulations, I think you'll make a fine lawyer. You obviously understand how things work, at least in the U.S.

  • Apparently The Financial Crisis Is The Fault Of Flickering Computer Screens

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 07 Oct, 2008 @ 04:31pm

    Re: Re: It's everyone's fault

    Way to hijack the debate with "facts" and "understanding the big picture". No one wants that.

  • Microsoft Expands Program To Bribe Users Into Using Its Search

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 06 Oct, 2008 @ 07:28am

    My sole experience with MSN search...

    IMO, Microsoft has passed beyond the point where they cannot compete to the point where they cannot even doing anything well.

    Here's the story of my experience with MSN search and IE 7.

    I agree with the poster above: you couldn't pay me to use MSN search. I totally love the idea that people are gaming the system to win free swag from Microsoft.

  • Microsoft Gives In To Online Critics: Fires Seinfeld

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 18 Sep, 2008 @ 12:54pm


    People who generalize are always wrong.

    I've been using Microsoft products since DOS 1. I developed Windows software for 15+ years. I think Vista is a disaster and the blue-screens on the computer with an OEM installation of Vista have nothing to do with the user.

    Maybe it works fine for some people. It did not for me. And furthermore, even when it did, it had literally nothing to offer that was superior for my wants or needs to XP, but it took a huge performance hit anyway.

    By the way I use Linux on all my machines now, and have been working as a Linux developer for the last 3 years.

  • Microsoft Gives In To Online Critics: Fires Seinfeld

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 18 Sep, 2008 @ 12:40pm

    Microsoft can't do anything right...

    First off, billg doesn't even work for Microsoft any more. He retired, but since the current guy in charge has all the charisma of a epileptic seizure they couldn't use him. Then the follow the lead of those brain dead TV execs who cancel everything before it even gets a chance to do anything.

    I've said it before. Microsoft should just give up. They literally can't do anything well any more.

  • So Much Hate For Microsoft's Seinfeld/Gates Buddy Ad

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 05 Sep, 2008 @ 05:18pm

    Re: Re: I absolutley Got It

    People who know Microsoft well are lost to Microsoft. They have to create mindshare among people who don't understand Microsoft well enough to realize they are doing nothing but bringing the whole industry down like a dead, beached whale would do for the popularly of the seashore.

  • Google's Browser Is A Warning Shot At Windows, Not At Internet Explorer

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 03 Sep, 2008 @ 03:01pm

    Re: Firefox and Questions

    The browser is open-source and the source has already been made available. No shenanigans will be possible because people will know.

    I've tried Chrome and while it won't make me switch from Firefox, the initial release is really fast and smooth, minus a couple minor hiccups in UI, etc. Meanwhile, that 800-pund zombie gorilla IE is still lumbering around moaning for "Brains!". Anything that can help put that monstrosity out of its (and our) misery is welcome, including competition for good browsers like Firefox and Opera.

  • NBC's Crippled Online Olympics Coverage Attracts Small Audience

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 30 Aug, 2008 @ 04:53pm

    Re: Re: Are all Mac users as arrogant as this guy?

    I tried Silverlight on XP running Firefox and all I could ever get it to do is ask to be installed, even after it supposedly was.

    Sorry, Microsoft, you lose again. And now that I'm running Linux on all my machines, I know there will never be any point in installing your latest attempt to lock everyone in to your monopoly.

  • You Don't Beat Pirates By Doing Something More Annoying

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 30 Aug, 2008 @ 04:51pm


    You definitely need to move beyond "popular music" which is worse than it's ever been. There's plenty of good music out there, but you have to look for it. Don't expect the radio or iTunes to help you. If you are really interested, pick the genre you are interested in and spend a little time with Google. I'm buying more music now than at any time in the past 25 years, and a quite lot of it is new, but I haven't regularly listened to music on the radio in more than 15 years and haven't been to a music store more than a handful of times in the last 5 (especially since Tower Records went out of business).

    For starters, you might be interested in, which lets you demo anything they carry in its entirety. I have also discovered tons of cool stuff on I also find mailing lists for groups I like to be excellent sources for info on music I haven't heard of, but would like. (No connections, just a happy and frequent customer to both sites)

    This is truly a Golden Age of music, but you have to do a little more work, but the payoffs are more than worth it... and the mainstream media is doing everything it can to keep you trapped in its own little world of recycled, prefab garbage... in fact, it's a lot like Microsoft in that regard. They don't want you to know what the alternatives are because once you realize what's out there, you'll never go back.

  • NBC's Crippled Online Olympics Coverage Attracts Small Audience

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 30 Aug, 2008 @ 04:42pm

    Re: Are all Mac users as arrogant as this guy?

    By _your_ logic MS would have 100% market share because if they offer anything, there's no reason to use anything else.

    I tried iTunes when I had a MacBook Pro at work and was amazed at how awful it was. I would never install it on a PC either.

  • Microsoft Sued Over User Editable Toolbar Patent

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 20 Aug, 2008 @ 12:34pm


    There was definitely API-level support for toolbars, including the means to allow developers to make functionality that allows users to customize those bars. So now there are patents on using something for what it was designed for?

  • Jackson Browne Sues McCain For Using His Song In An Ad Without Permission

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 18 Aug, 2008 @ 11:48am

    Re: McCain "Running On Empty"

    As opposed to Obama whose never done anything, has no ideas that weren't flogged to death 40 years ago, and nothing to say but how he is who we want him to be... riiiight.

    I'm no McCain fan, but compared to him, Obama is a know-nothing, done-nothing cypher.

  • Do We Really Want Congress Choosing Which Business Models Are Best?

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 15 Aug, 2008 @ 03:34pm

    Re: It amazes me...

    It is not theft if you are not depriving the owner of something. How can I steal something from you if afterwords you still have it.

    I don't "steal" music either. I buy it. A lot of it.

    However, this conversation has much more to do with the philosophical and intellectual bankruptcy of our government creating laws it cannot (and often does not want to) enforce, and their utter willingness, even enthusiasm to subvert the intention of the Constitution to the whims of anyone with deep enough pockets.

  • Do We Really Want Congress Choosing Which Business Models Are Best?

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 15 Aug, 2008 @ 03:30pm


    The problem is passing laws that cannot be enforced.

    This is the most harmful thing a society can do and the Federal government does it constantly. It ensures lawlessness and garners nothing but contempt for authority, a contempt that is wholly earned.

    The entire model of Intellectual Property is based on a foundation of completely artificial scarcity. It is a false model that does not match reality. People rail when the rules conflict with reality, regardless of the moral or economic implications... it's only common sense.

    Slashdot is free to support whatever business model it wants. That's called Free Speech. Congress on the other hand makes laws. They generally do a really awful job of it, and are beholden to monied interests and their own careers. The welfare of the country is at best a minor consideration, and then only in terms of appearances. Any positive consequences of anything they do are wholly through dumb luck.

    Current business models are not working. The laws as written are wholly inconsistent with the the original (and clear) intent of the Constitution (copyright law in particular has been completely perverted).

    Reality has already decided and the business model that assumes a 19th-century mode of distribution is completely obsolete, and allows corporations to be artificial monopolies and to act in arbirarily and capricious ways while avoiding true competition.

    Businesses bought Congress support for their obsolete business model, and we consumers continue to suffer from it every day. The politicians need to actually do their jobs and stop being such blatant whores.

    The real problem is that Rule of Law has been eroded to near meaninglessness because so many laws are completely unenforceable, and that is the real reality that is being ignored here. The only real options are a 1984-style police state or something completely new, and the invertebrates in Congress want to continue pretending this isn't so.

  • Why Doesn't Girl Talk Allow Commercial Use?

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 28 Jul, 2008 @ 07:03am


    You seem to have it backwards. If you uses my work, why would you have a copyright claim against me (and need to waive it)? It seems to me I'm the one with the claim.

    It sounds to me that he's making commercial use of other people's work, he _is_ charging for it, but wants to deny the same for people using his works. He seems to want it both ways.

  • RNC To Sue CafePress For Helping People Promote Republican Candidates

    ConceptJunkie ( profile ), 18 Jul, 2008 @ 08:06am


    Childish, blanket, ad hominem statements like yours make my heart say something too. You probably wouldn't like it.

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