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  • Jul 27th, 2009 @ 4:20pm

    What you guys dont understand is!

    The power company probably cant charge non users directly! However, as long as they fund politicians into office they can always get rate increases and taxes levied against all! So all of our rates will rise, and solar is a LONG way from ever giving an ROI. Because the equipment is NOT static and will always need replacing and upgrading. Batteries, inverters, will always need upgrading. And while the solar users are spending life fortunes over and over again to "go off the grid" and ever selling any measurable amount of energy back to the energy company you are fooling yourself. So indirectly it is possible. And i remember a cartoon in a magazine probably 20 some years ago showing two employees from a power company holding a billboard sign blocking the sun from reaching a solar panel users home, and would not move until they paid their bill. Call me cynical and ill show you an out of control government!