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  • Jan 14th, 2012 @ 3:17am

    Re:Sopa & Pipa

    My ancestors founded the US Constitution and they must be rolling over in their graves to see how that document is used, misused and treated as a dead document. My family being insiders has given me a view of a system out of control that only insiders really see and know and what the public is beginning to recognize. Money, politics and criminal activity controls the system. Regardless of how unlawful or morally and ethically wrong something can be, the system will defend it if it meets the goals of an agenda of one or more connected individuals which certainly are the elite. The public is told what sounds good to them, but, in reality, what is done is what is good for the connected few. Money talks and all else walks! I can easily show the public how the system, organized crime and corporations are all working against the masses sharing the spoils. Granted all is not evil, but, the majority is corrupt. The internet was a government project started by Al Gore. US and China work together, thanks to George Bush, but, this alliance will one day be our undoing. The elite only have concerns with their pockets and that of their friends. You can see they want to tax the underpriveledged while refusing to pay any more taxes themselves while their money of the 1% buys 8 times what your money buys! The elections are as corrupt as all else is and look at all the bank scandals and mortgage scams as well as Wall Street Scams, yet, all tax payers are forced to finance Government Sponsors Looters who throw people on to the streets, and then, people think that any of those lucky enough to run for office are thinking of them! Remember the lessons of the French Revolution. When will America Wake up?? People are voting for Romney, yet, noone mentions that he was the Chief Bishop of the Mormon church,or that he and his church displaced people in Belmont Mass. destroying their homes, nor that he and his former employer connect to Roche Carens and DiGiacomo now named Murtha Cullina which has been defendants in ENRON, S and L, Lincoln Savings and Loan, Ocwen Bank and Colonial which led to Whitey Bulger and the FBI. No one mentions that Romney's father was in the Nixon Cabinet, that Romney has been caught in lies repeatedly and that he and his people essentially murdered at least 2 women. One was divorced and had her home stolen on fraud while Romney and his friends in the system set her up to steal millions and the other was killed by a falling steel panel in the big dig bridge after he fired the head of the transportation dept. who told him there were problems. The state later blamed the adhesive and anchoring companies instead of themselves. The entire system is a web of families and friends networking at all levels exploiting the public. Those in the system have judges, politicians and special interest groups all in their pockets and illegal favors abound. Romney is a friend of the Bush's and oddly noone brings up any more how the Bush's were deeply involved in the S and L scandal, or how they stole a person's property for their ball park taken by emminent domain, nor how 60 minutes reported on how they met a drug running plane in Florida, and the pilot involved with them ended up dead and then the plane became part of the private fleet of the Bush's in Tx. Noone reports how Neil Bush was responsible for all the contracts to China, nor how he took everything away from his wife of 25 years and noone would help her because of who they were. Noone reports that George Bush Senior was the Ambassador to China and that do to him and Congress the Chinese own 2 thirds of our treasury bills where legally, this could allow China to demand to take us over! That is only a small concern with China. The US did not like what Officer Manning did with Wikileaks because it showed them up as the Hippocrates they really are! WAKE UP AMERICA!