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  • Sep 17th, 2016 @ 1:10pm

    ...Nothing up my sleeve... (as GEMont)

    Most probable reality.

    We need to make the American Public and a lot of companies that are not on the payroll, think we don't know how to unlock all their phones at will.

    Lets raise a public stink about how Apple won't help us open their phone. That will prove we do not know how to do it ourselves, even though we've already opened the thing and found it empty.

    To end the phony "stink" we made, we'll publicly acknowledge the opening of the phone by a third party - that should completely remove any thoughts that we already have the tech to open Apples' phones, (and any other encrypted electronic communications devise made anywhere on earth in the last three months, or older.)

    Its just damage control. Or more precisely, the best possible method of insuring that the "enemy", or "adversary" (the US Public) is kept in the dark about the USG's capabilities of global surveillance as long as possible.

    Because, its always easier to defeat an enemy that believes what you want them to believe, compared to those who know the truth.

    Once again folks, you've been played.

  • Sep 16th, 2016 @ 10:58am

    How to get a secret raise in pay in Congress. (as GEMont)

    "Congressman In Charge Of OPM Hacking Report Announces Plan To Investigate Stingray Use Next", if his graft checks from various agencies are not increased 25%, immediately.

    Next month's headline:

    Congressman In Charge Of OPM Hacking Report Announces Stingray Investigation Turns Up No Evidence Of Misuse By Any American Agency.

    That's how we do it in America. :)

  • Sep 14th, 2016 @ 7:59pm

    Oh joy. Another sticky editor day. (as GEMont)

    "Is Capitalism Over?"

    Umm, no way Hose.

    There aint a chance in hell that any of them white english christians are gonna give up their usury.

    Not without a fight to the death.

    Hell, most of the other nationalities and cults/sects will also hang on tenaciously to the concept that dead money (not in circulation), begets more money, free of labor and cost.

    Its a rich man's wet dream.

    Any rich man, regardless of the means by which that wealth was accumulated, gains the same power and the right to openly associate with other rich men - who then pool their resources to alter the laws of the land so the new laws can allow the rich to accumulate greater wealth easier and faster, while insuring the poor remain poor, or worse.

    And its an eventual economy killer.

    The more mega-rich people you have in a nation, the more of that nation's actual currency will be kept out of circulation for usury purposes by the rich.

    The Panama Papers scandal shows the sort of "don't give a shit about the little guy" attitude that wealth instills in people and the lengths to which they will go to maintain their habit of perpetual accumulation.

    Capitalism has created a world where only the most ruthless and predatory opportunists among us reach the top of the food chain.

    Capitalism, is an addiction, not unlike addictions to sex, food or drugs, and like any addictive substance or activity, capitalism will always attract adherents. It can never truly die, as its a proven method for otherwise useless bottom feeding assholes, to become rich, powerful leaders of nations.

    Those who willingly tread its path, must place the accumulation and hording of wealth, above family, friends and nation, to be fully successful - the billionaires.

    Capitalism is the immature form of Fascism and cannot possibly end in any other fashion. I suspect it is the cause of most - if not nearly all - of humanity's string of ruined civilizations.

    What you're seeing today is not the death of Capitalism.

    It is merely the birth of Capitalism's adult form - Fascism.

  • Sep 12th, 2016 @ 11:14am

    Re: somehow I got unsubscribed from this comment forum. (as GEMont)

    "somehow I got unsubscribed from this comment forum."

    That's a bi-monthly event for me, although a simple inquiry always gets me back in after a couple days.

    What's more frustrating is those days I simply get no TD mailing at all, only to have it start up again the next day all by its self.

    Then there's the days the editor won't work at all - takes 30-60 seconds for a character to show up on screen after hitting the key.

    But my favourite of all, is the redirect to a dead page that reads something like "the page you referred to cannot be found", that also has no return link, when I press SUBMIT. Naturally, everything I just wrote has been sent to the large cyber waste-bin in the sky.

    Have not seen one of those in months though.

    There is never any sort of explanation as to why shit happens so often to my account, of course, so I've stopped asking.

    Its just a ghost in the machine "glitch".

    But since they aint banned my ass outright yet, I got no real complaints.


  • Sep 8th, 2016 @ 1:45pm

    ...nothing up my sleeve.... (as GEMont)

    Donald Trump is not really running for POTUS.

    He was hired by Corporate America to make their real candidate, Hillary Clinton, appear to be the only choice possible.

    I would think that a decade of Obama - the last fake democrat the corporatists selected as POTUS, who literally fulfilled every plan that George Bush started and then turned the USA into the Fascist dream come true police state we have today - would have shown most Americans that there is no Democratic Party in the US now.

    There is only the one party - fascists/corporatists - who use both labels; Democrat and Republican.

    Trump is simply a hired professional who excells at bullshit and bafflegab and who will do absolutely anything for enough money - their kind of people.

    Fascists always hide behind the labels of the real political parties they infiltrate and absorb.

    Nazi means National Socialist - about as far from corporatist/fascist as is possible.

    It just happened to be the name of the party the German corporatists invaded and absorbed before they started WW-2.

    Clinton will start WW3 - the ultimate fascist wet-dream - 1000 years of War.

  • Sep 3rd, 2016 @ 1:12pm

    Re: (as GEMont)

    "...secret proceedings, secret evidence, secret analysis, secret law, secret judgement and secret punishments..."

    But that's all legal during times of war, and since the US has secretly declared war on the (*1)civilian populations of earth, after 9/11, and rewrote the US constitution to fit the new wartime 'definitions' of American law, the USG has given itself the "legal" right to nuke any household on earth for any reason it determines is sufficient grounds for assassination, murder, massacre or just plain mayhem, for the war effort.

    Because its at war and wartime rights trump all peace time law.

    (*1)(terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, drug dealers and users and whistleblowers and most hackers are all civilian occupations)

    If one just momentarily assumes that this 'secret declaration of war' is in fact true, one will see immediately that it explains all of the unusual and apparently illegal activities of the USG and all of its military and Law Enforcement Minions as well as their nearly universal disdain over public outcry.

    They are waging war.

    And you are the enemy.
    Or rather, legally speaking, the Adversary.

    Whenever you hear about how they have ruined the lives of American civilians, incarcerated civilians abroad through extraordinary rendition, or systematically destroyed civilian communications security in order to spy on civilian activity, or use legal gag orders to bypass civilian rights and prevent defense, they are, in their minds, winning this war.

  • Sep 2nd, 2016 @ 12:25pm

    One man's stupiudity, is another man's fortune. (as GEMont)

    Maybe some simple math....

    Rights Owner; Singer Fartie Freddie, published a record single titled "Hear my Heart Bleat".

    Joey the Snake - a heinous infringer of copyrighted songs, grabs him self a copy of "Hear My Heart Bleat" from Dirty Evil P2P Downloads website.

    How many fewer copies of "Hear My Heart Bleat" does Freddie have now that Joey has a downloaded copy?

    That is, how many copies of the song has Freddie been deprived of by Joey?

    If Freddie has the same number of published copies on the market as before, then the deprivation is zero. No theft took place.

    And what happens to this whole equation if Joey happens to really like the song and buys a copy for his archives and a couple copies for friends, because he wants his friends to have clean, professially made copies, rather than burn a couple himself.

    And what if some of those friends buy other official copies for their friends...

    This is very similar to the marijuana conundrum, and is similarily due to the misinformation disseminated by commerce and enforced and reinforced by government.

    Like with copyright and the theft myth, the only people who are still adamantly against pot, are morons, those with injuries to the brain, those who are highly religious, and those who are making a fortune on the side from the blackmarket sales of cannabis, or from kickbacks from organized crime for looking the other way.

  • Sep 2nd, 2016 @ 11:46am

    None so blind as those who refuse to see. (as GEMont)

    Perhaps if we make a pair of charts, showing on one chart, the standard machinations of all Law Enforcement Minion activities that are typical of any fascist pseudo- government, and on the other chart, a list of the actions that the USG, DOJ and all of America's In Justice Minions have taken over the last decade.

    Maybe then Americans will be able to see that there is no difference between the two charts, and thus the two forms of population control, whatsoever.

    And if it walks like duck...

  • Sep 1st, 2016 @ 12:05pm

    Re: "I wonder if this is why fascism always works." (as GEMont)

    "We may have to do this a few times before we get the hang of it."

    Extremely well said sir.

    I do keep fogetting that in the grand scheme of things, this particular era is utterly different than all others that preceded it and is indeed a mere tick or two on the clock of history.

    I suppose that if all periods of peace and fair treatment of populations on earth were added up, it might account for about 1/10th of 1% of human history, at most.

    C'est al vie eh.

    Sadly, it appears too that the movers and shaker of earth have decided that those familiar old times are worth bring back.

  • Sep 1st, 2016 @ 11:41am

    Re: What? (as GEMont)

    Proving Guilt?

    That's an outmoded concept for today's modern Justice Agents.

    The USG is not at all interested in proving the guilt of criminals. Guilty crooks don't buy you a yacht, or get one that necessary dose of Bimbos and Cocaine, loved so much by the 1% and their government minions.

    They want the proceeds money and the illicit product, and a pat on the head from their masters in Hollywood.

    That "pat" being normally a cushy job in Hollywood after retiring from the political circus.

    No need to prove the perpetrator's guilt - or even consider it as a necessary part of the Justice System - when your just out steal whatever you can from folks who are not in the inner circle, or who are competing with the Fed's own illicit operations.

    In fact, the US has made laws that allow all money to be predetermined as guilty, so no perps are needed anymore, except as delivery systems.

    The Feds and the cops can just arrest your money and keep it till you prove it is innocent of all criminal activity - a nearly impossible task, since all money - not currently held by members of government and select friends - is now legally considered to be guilty by its very nature.

    And consider the simple logic:

    1. arrest the perp and potentially remove a criminal from the street.

    Results, crime stats drop, dropping cop budgets, because of less crime on the streets.

    Crime Fighting.


    2. arrest the money, let the perp go and hope he starts up his criminal operation again so you can bust him again and again, taking his money and product and releasing him back into the stream each time.

    Results, crime stats skyrocket because nobody gets incarcerated, providing necessary talking points for increased police budgets and personell, as well as creating a wonderful source for pure un-accounted-for profit, profit, profit for the employees of all federal justice agencies and police forces in America.

    Crime Cropping.

    Which do you think would be the most desirable direction to take for an agency whose sole purpose is to steal citizens' money, legally?

    Hint. Look around.

  • Sep 1st, 2016 @ 10:58am

    Newthink: if enough people believe it, then its real. (as GEMont)

    Hmmmm... ignorance in America appears to be a voluntary, self-inflicted condition these days.

    At least it shows that the old adage about hearing something repeated often enough and loud enough, is for a great many folks, literal proof of truth.

    Then again, these apparent fools could all be just paid Russian Trolls, helping the US in its continued efforts to become the laughing stock of earth.

  • Aug 30th, 2016 @ 10:55am

    When crooks write the laws.... (as GEMont)

    "To prove that ISDS is not biased in favor of businesses, they point to the outcomes of known cases: Governments have won about 35% of the time, while business interests have won only about 25%."

    Apparently the other 40% were cases that were done in secret then.

    These must be the cases stated - where execs use the system as a "get out of jail free" card.

    Ye know, methinks the messenger may have indeed stumbled upon the actual true purpose of ISDS. Its just one bunch of crooks - the court - utilizing law, to insure the freedom of other crooks - for a tidy under the table service charge, no doubt.

    Now this is the kind of New World Order that most crooks can really sink their teeth into.

    Prosecution Insurance. Coolest!

  • Aug 30th, 2016 @ 10:41am

    Fascism: When criminals use the law to stea cash and remove competitors.. (as GEMont)

    Hmm... live broadcast huh...
    With a twenty minute delay to remove embarrassing bits...
    So, almost live, like the 9/11 TV broadcasts. Got it.

    Well, the onliest reason I can see for the DOJ and USG to be concerned about a live broadcast is that, once they remove all the embarrassing bits - you know, like where they broke the law, or trampled on Dotcom's human rights - all that is going to be left is just dead air.

    I really can't think of a better example of a fledgling fascist government than this particular farce of a court case, where a gang of billionaire crooks known as the USG, are trying to use the law to steal a fortune from someone who has upset their primary client; Hollywood.

    Let's face it. Nobody wants their Kangaroo Kourt proceedings to be exposed to the world for scrutiny and 2 hours of dead air just might convince some people; who believed the USG bullshit story, to take a second, less "patriotic" look at the merits of the case and the supposed integrity of their government.

    Personally, I think that one of the primary reasons they do not want such public exposure is that, to win this case, the USG will have to utilize many of their private, post 9/11 secret interpretations of the law and they really, really do not want the public to know what those interpretations are.

    Whereas, behind closed doors, the USG will have no problem getting any judge to allow whatever tricks the USG pulls out of its ass and once the gag order is in place, nobody will ever be the wiser.

    A Perfect Robbery.

    And the USG also gets its pay off from Hollywood once Kim D. has been thoroughly trashed.

    Cushy retirement jobs for all!
    Yay! Justice. The American Way!

  • Aug 28th, 2016 @ 1:51pm

    The old "Frog in boiling water" process. Seems to work on Sheeple real good. (as GEMont)

    I have to wonder if the people of Germany reacted the same way that the people of the USA are reacting today, as their police and government slide slowly into fascism.

    You know - sit around and debate whether or not its actually happening, while ignoring the fact that they've already lost their democracy and no longer have even minimal control of their government or its agents.

    I wonder if this is why fascism always works.

  • Aug 28th, 2016 @ 1:39pm

    I forgot it!! (as GEMont)

    Kinda curious as to whether or not the defense "I forget my password officer." would be acceptable in this kind of situation.

    After all, if I don't write 'em down, there is no way I could remember even 5% of my passwords.

    I'd have zero shame claiming I forgot the password.

    I could even embellish it with "I just reset my password and did not have time to write it down."

    Question is, would the kangaroo kourts of Kanada accept such a defense, or have they already decided that cell-phone owning suspects all have eidetic memories?

  • Aug 28th, 2016 @ 1:18pm

    Re: Re: (as GEMont)

    Methinks it night indeed just be standard operational procedure actually.

    Its probably policy that once the Feds control any porn site, it should be brought up to speed by their techies in order to insure the best possible configuration and thus, the most profittable operation.

    After all, if you're planning to run these sites profitably, its always best to use your many "paid-for-by-tax-payers" experts to upgrade the "confiscated" systems to optimum functionality for optimum proceeds procurement.

    In my opinion, this whole operation is just another public robbery type money maker, like asset forfeiture.

    In fact, it would surprise me not one whit, to learn that the CIAF BINSA was secretly controlling and profitting from hundreds of similarily "confiscated" child porn sites, in their oft-mentioned war to "save the children".

    In fact, it could explain why porn sites are so prolific on the web and why they appear to be impossible to be rid of.

    Federal mandate. :)

  • Aug 28th, 2016 @ 1:00pm

    New Policy: Fighting Fire With Fire - Cops steal jobs from crooks. (as GEMont)

    "Then, apparently, it has super skills."

    Sounds like just one more way the tri-letter agents and other bad cops can make a few extra bucks off the record.

    In fact, considering their track record, the whole plan was likely to get the porn sites under the guise of "upholding the law" and "going after evil kiddie pornographers" and then once the public's short term memory failed, "let the domain registries expire" so that tri-letter operatives could buy up the domains as private citizens and profit, profit, profit.

    Who's gonna know eh.

    After all, once the cops become more concerned about capturing the proceeds of crime than they are about capturing the perpetrators of crime, the next logical step is for the "LEO" types to simply take over the whole operation of every criminal enterprise they find and run it as a private business whose proceeds go directly to the tri-letter agencies and their happy members.

    Funding problems solved! Mortgages paid. New cars in drive ways. Kids' college tuition paid. So many wonderful things can be provided by the revenue from such legally allowed illicit operations.

    Better the proceeds of crime go towards improving the lives of our tri-letter good guys, rather then improving the lives of the evil bad guys.

    The cops are, after all is said and done, just fighting fire with fire. :)


  • Aug 26th, 2016 @ 3:51am

    Shoe to Foot Two (as GEMont)

    "It could very well be that the Russian government is seeking to provoke a cyberwar, utilizing hackers to fire its opening salvos. There's also money to be made -- on both sides -- from a variety of cybersecurity firms who ... hyperbolic theorizing will take precedence over more measured responses."

    But... but.... wouldn't that qualify as a .............

    ................... c o n s p i r a c y


    But, we were all promised that conspiracies are nothing more than the fantasies of deranged mouth breathers, but there above is a definite claim that our blessed politicians and their millionaire owners might actually be sitting down and conspiring together, to lie and falsify public information, in order to profit monetarily at public expense.

    That's simply impossible because, as we have been told time and time again, there would obviously be too many people involved to keep this plan a secret and at least one of those people would "leak" the truth to the public and like every other conspiracy That Never Happened, the people involved would all be caught and the conspiracy would fail, if it actually existed, which it doesn't of course.

    Musta bin a typo...

  • Aug 20th, 2016 @ 3:29pm

    Another Trumped up Wall Story (as GEMont)

    Sigh.... just another Trump "wall" story.

    Somebody told Trump that there was a thing called a firewall that could prevent certain kinds of access, so he's decided he gonna build a 30' high "fire" wall this time, that prevents terrorist access.

    Oh the joys of total, blissful, ignorance eh. :)

  • Aug 20th, 2016 @ 3:16pm

    GI Joe Cop Raid - Screwing the Pooch (as GEMont)

    "This raid on a house containing nothing more than a dog is the natural side effect of police militarization..."

    And this kind of stupidity will continue to escalate, as long as the cops themselves face no repercussions whatsoever, as is always the case.

    After all, no matter how much the law suits cost the city, its the tax payers who will be footing the bills for all of the destroyed property (and eventually someone's life), when the Dreadstone Cops get their macho all stiff and engorged, donning all that brand new Manly Military assault wear.

    The utter lack of consequences for the actions of these idiot cops, will guarantee that this process continues unchecked and escalates every year, as more and more bad cops realize they are immune to prosecution, regardless of how despicable their deeds, and go out to appease their GI Joe Fantasies at public expense.


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