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  • Jul 30th, 2020 @ 4:20pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    "There's a theory that Trump never actually expected to win."

    There's a further theory that he never intended or wanted to win.
    Cliff Sims and Michael Wolff are just two of the writers who assure us that the whole thing was supposed to be a branding exercise and a money-raising operation for a "Trump TeeVee" project with Roger Ailes, then late of Fox (and now just plain late). Ailes had good reasons to want to out-fox and out-Fox Fox -- he'd spent his latter career building Murdoch's #-1 profit center, worth billions, only to wind up being unceremoniously dumped with mere tens of millions and a bad rep as a failed skirt-chaser as his reward. And Trump, of course, wanted to be a REAL billionaire -- and between his name and Ailes' skill-set and track-record, might well have accomplished that.
    We're further told that the reason Trump and Melania were so late to their own victory party is that he'd promised her they'd not be leaving NYC; that nothing would change except they'd be richer; and that night, she enjoyed a major meltdown that delayed them.
    This is not inconsistent with the recently-revealed info that she was able to parlay delaying her move to DC by weeks or months into a rewrite of her prenup.
    Trump went from a nascent broadcast wonder to a situation in which the probable criminal past that he'd successfully kept under wraps for years, decades, may now be at risk of exposure, following the most catastrophic f-up of an administration our nation's yet suffered.
    This does not constitute "winning" by any reasonable definition.

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