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  • Jan 20th, 2012 @ 7:34pm

    Re: What I'd really like to know is...

    The town of marfa, while having an incredible contemporary arts museum, has as their only 2 industries, movie sets and heroin dealers. It's a very strange place

  • Nov 18th, 2011 @ 10:53am

    kind of off topic, but here goes...

    my experience, ymmv, but heres my story of the morning:

    i did an audio installation for the art show prospect 2.0 at the contemporary arts center in new orleans this fall. its been installed for about a month now, and yesterday got a call that the audio had gone out on my piece.

    i went there this morning to see that i had inadvertently not gone through the total pita licensing process for my netbook running cubase at the museum. the license expired and the audio went out. i had gone through it on my daw, and seeing as how the software was already registered, time was short, and the registration process sucks, i figured i would be all right.

    it took almost 2 hours to get this relicensed and to get my project back up and rolling. mind you, this is a purchased and fully authorized copy of cubase. audacity may be strong enough to handle the complex task that was needed for this install, but i didnt have the time to learn the software to accomplish this pretty intense project.

    now i have three options going forward, because ever since this piece was installed, i have gotten 3 new clients:

    1. purchase the legal software for new clients, and go through the burdensome licensing process (thereby cutting time i could actually, ya know, be working)

    2. i could pirate it. id rather not, but hell, cracked software is easy as cake to use, without having to worry about the crap like the above.

    3. i can get with audacity (or something else) and learn it better as time permits.

    now you could say that the more expensive, difficult to use program offered a more robust program, so the increased time fiddling with it (not working with it) is justified.

    wouldnt have using pirated software worked the same way, without having had to deal without all the bullshit??

    and now that i know my specific needs for this type of project, and have more time, i can get into audacity (or ardour) with more depth and learn it better.

    idk. with all the insults flying around here the last couple of days, i just wanted to offer one, small, real life perspective.

  • Nov 17th, 2011 @ 7:19am



    Of course, it's unlikely that rightsholders will go after any of these sites now under SOPA. They're all big enough -- and can afford lawyers. But there's a real fear that the next generation of such sites will get shut down... or, worse, won't even start up at all, due to the massive potential liability.

    replace sopa with dmca, etc... its not in their interest to act now, that would be too much work. sopa gives them the tool to do more damage in the future under the guise of law.

  • Oct 30th, 2011 @ 8:53pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: OR maybe they were given a fair shot, and flopped.

    im not so sure about this. there is a small indie label that has released 'the king of limbs' in the us. however, the initial offering of the album was done independently through radiohead.

    you can also visit their site and purchase different packages directly from the band.

    personally, i dont care that you dont care about my opinion. what kind of bothers me though is that my opinion is shared by lots and lots of people, and because i dont have millions of dollars, you an people of your kind think you can dictate to me/us how we are going to acquire and listen to music.

    i beg to think that your forced marketplace is really more 2000's than how i acquire and listen to music.