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  • Jul 18th, 2013 @ 10:20pm

    I filed an FCC complaint against AT&T for this practice

    I bought a used iPhone for my kid whom I did *not* want to have a data plan. AT&T confirmed I could have a data block. Yet, they arbitrarily determine a phone to be a "smart phone" based on a wholly arbitrary (and unpublished) list of imei numbers! So, based on that arbitrary list of IMEI numbers, I must have a data plan. When I asked why they told me "so I have a consistent price". But wait. I have data turned off. The price can't possibly be any more consistent with a data plan and data blocked than without a data plan and data blocked. I filed an FCC complaint. Deceptive marketing. I got a call from an AT&T VP. No change in policy. I switched to T-Mobile and have used the iPhone ever since. No problems. No data except WiFi at home for my kid. And that's how I want it, as a parent.