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  • Aug 25th, 2010 @ 9:54pm


    I read so many of the posts and have decided only a couple people actually ride them and the rest are wanna be riders.
    I rode one for a work related event which turned into a three week riding extravaganza. Now I own a couple few and rent them out when I am not riding them with my kids. Expensive yes but I get $65 for 2 hours rental. All my segways are set to ride off road (big tires and lift kits), Very fun! I can do a three hour off road tour for $100 (50 tours and they are paid off)..I love my Mt. Bike and love the exercise but the segway is totally different level of transportation than the bike and the segway passes the bikes going up (yes up, not down) the dirt trails. I use them to get around town, go to the store, take my dog for a run, I use them at work almost everyday ( I put on events , festivals, tradeshows I rent them to branding companies with a shield for $400 a day:-) I have a trailer to tow behind my segway, they pull alot of weight(kegs)I go cruising through the forrest on my segway. The segway is super quiet- I caught some vandels breaking into my pool clubhouse and they never heard me coming.12MPH I know we are getting 14mph and good luck trying to keep up billy white shoes..I am waiting to see what the government is about to do with their high tech version that they have been playing with