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  • Feb 22nd, 2011 @ 10:53am

    Re: Drug Test?

    The difference between this and a drug test is so obvious that it didn't need to be stated, and could only be missed by someone missing it intentionally.

    A drug test looks for ONLY the specified illegal behavior, that is, use of the drugs being tested for. You agree to take it with full informed consent - You know what they're looking for, and you know whether or not you've engaged in the behavior being tested for (even if you think you can beat the test).

    Giving a potential employer full access to your social media does not - it gives a potential employer carte blanche to go fishing through your whole life just because they want to, with no specified purpose or limits. You don't know what they're looking FOR, you don't know what they're looking AT, and you don't know WHO is looking or who else they're sharing your data with, how long they're retaining it...