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  • Oct 11th, 2012 @ 11:23am

    Low priced tablet and ebooks in AMAZON et al

    I confess that I have not read every comment written here on this topic, and apologise if this is repetition ...

    I have not seen any comments about tablet manufacturers on this topic - except about Apple; and I admit to not liking the company. That's been my view since they invented and marketed the Mac.

    Apple are greedy, nasty, dishonest, tax avoiding and child worker employers ... need I say more

    In my view there is ample evidence that Amazon, Google and others are beginning to 'cozy-up' with a number of Tablet manufacturers.

    This will lead to the inevitable ...

    The Internet marketers will make massive deals with the Tablet makers - and FREE Tablets will become the 'norm'.

    Self evidently this trend is well on it's way.

    Clearly Apple can see this coming; why have they changed their marketing position by announcing a 'mini iPad' in such a raw, panicky, move ?

    Personally, I'm waiting for my emails from Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble etc. (as a paid up member ...) inviting me to choose what colour I would like the FREE tablet they are about to 'offer' me.

    I'll choose a tablet from each of them and give them to my grand-children !

    My only hope is that they offer the 'POCKETABLE', '6 inch diagonal, variety/genre' of tablet which are CURRENTLY being announced at the rough rate of 6 per/day in China.

    I just love POCKETABLE 6 inch tablets .....