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  • Jul 20th, 2010 @ 10:27am

    Not one mention of the RIAA in the "evidence"

    Is it me, or was the connection not made at all between the RIAA and the apparent astroturf campaign? Is this guy saying (without saying) that the CRIA is the RIAA? It isn't. ["OH, YOU'RE SOOO NAIVE, ANON."] - but it actually isn't. It's really the IFPI (the first "I" is for "international") that coordinates action for industry associations around the world - to be sure, it is an international effort often at odds with what's going on in 'Merica. I also think it's hilarious that all of these anti-c-32 articles keep refering to the major labels as the "US labels" - Universal is ultimately French-controlled, Sony is very Japanese, and EMI is UK-owned - only Warner is ultimately US-based. Methinks someone is trying to whip up anti-American sentiment so that good Canadians will get all pissed at this affront to our national sovreignty by those bastard yanks - it's just not as gangsta to rail against the French or the Japanese.