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  • Sep 4th, 2013 @ 10:31pm

    (untitled comment)

    At the rate our government is going we might beat North Korea to the bottom of the hill. Even if we could somehow put the brakes on, the sheer mass of what is going on will take us to the bottom. Every single day I think how much worse can it get; and then it gets worse. I also thought that Bush jr. would be considered one of the worst presidents ever, not so much anymore. I am truly shocked by what is happening to my country and the president that sets for the rest of the world. I wonder is it just me, maybe I'm too old to understand, (55), maybe this is just a phase we will outgrow, maybe it's not as bad as I see it, but then why do I feel like my front door might come crashing in some night with masked men in black body armor, M16's, and a warrant from a secret court, for what; a comment on the web? Why would I feel like that in a country that spends $52 billion plus dollars for my safety? Think of the children they say, and I do think of the children and the meager budget our schools have to live with. How much does an intelligence analyst make compared to a middle school teacher and how many lives does he enrich in his career of world domination. Ok, ok I know he might find a terrorist plot once in his career, sometime, and save some lives, maybe. How many intelligence analyst does it take to make us safe? How many terrorist plots are there to be discovered? How many analysts for each actual terrorist? Why is the word terrorist used like McCarthy used the word communist?

    And; why are people that seek the truth and are interested in bringing to light the wrongs, and yes, crimes of our leaders being persecuted?

    Because they can.

    Because its easier to go after "little people" than it is to go after real criminals who run the banks, the government, and the military/intelligence industrial complex.

    I have to go, I heard a Humvee in the front yard.