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  • May 30th, 2013 @ 7:53pm

    Pfft. He needs the time to get his head on straight

    I know this guy. I know him from back before his first prison stint. He tried hiding himself in the Chicago hacker scene.

    Needless to say it didn't work out. The guy was toxic to pretty much anyone who didn't stroke his ego.

    He's not Robin Hood.
    He's not a hero.
    He's not Swartz (who simply wanted free information).
    He's not Mitnick (who was an OCD binge-hacker).
    He's not Abby Hoffman.
    He's not even Ted Kaczynski.
    This was never about morals.
    Or ethics.
    Or justice or any of that.

    It's about Jeremy stroking his ego. About him feeling powerful and important. About stealing from someone he dislikes.

    And he learned NOTHING in his first vacation at Club Fed. 2 years in Medium Security. And he came out every bit as effed up as he was when he went in (if not more-so). Still convinced that he did no wrong. He went right back out and did the same stupid thing AGAIN.

    And the main reason he got caught? Because he had to open his mouth and brag about his "cred". He's an attention hound. Good, bad or otherwise. When he wants to be in the spotlight, with people paying attention to him.

    So, all the people claiming that 10-30 years for a repeat offender is "out of line"? Or that he "didn't benefit". Grow up. Simply because Jeremy got caught before he could spend anything doesn't mean others didn't lose. Or didn't incur costs to protect themselves after he stole their information.

    If you can't do the time DO NOT DO THE CRIME!

    If I leave my door open, that is NOT tacit permission for you to come in, steal my wallet and vandalize my home.

    The same notion applies to breaking into systems owned by others.

    And, even if he did find some evidence of wrongdoing at Statfor, it doesn't excuse what he did. Indeed, it makes it WORSE now. Because he's tainted the evidence.

    All in all, Jeremy needs to be segregated from society for his own good. He needs a support and therapy structure to get himself into a better, less destructive headspace.

    Otherwise, he's going to come out of prison in a few years/decades and simply self-destruct like this all over again.

    As much as I hate footing the prison bill for a moron like him, I believe he deserves a chance to get the therapy he so desperately needs. Or, failing that, that society deserves to be protected from destructive child-men such as he's demonstrated himself to be.

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