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  • Mar 21st, 2012 @ 10:19am

    He should know better

    You would think Maynard of all people would know better, what with the trouble he had with his early record label. He purposely made Opiate just so he could squeak out of his contract.

    He is partially right though. Mainstream music has lost all creativity, but it isn't piracy that's causing it, it's the labels themselves. I can't listen to the radio without 10 bands playing in a row that sound exactly the same. All owned by the same label, and all have their songs written for them by the same 65 year old African American woman.

    Independent music has exploded, and it's baffling that he's so out of the loop. Puscifer was made specifically to break out of the box, you would think he would break out of the "labels good piracy bad" box.

    I just went to a concert of four nerd-core rappers, Adam Warrock, MegaRan, MC Lars, and MC Chris. The one thing I can say about them, is they sure as hell are creative.