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  • Jan 27th, 2013 @ 4:49am

    Comment on Anonymous Actions

    I am not a teckie at all, but stumbled upon "the video," loved the ballistic missile section and truly was touched by who and what these people are trying to do. I do tend to be a tea part conservative (Rand Paul is my Hero) and feel that this country is becoming something that I am scared of. Please do not get me wrong about politics, my original view (never heard anyone repeat this) is that we do need a "Mommy" party -the Dems, and a "Daddy" party - the Republicans. I always wondered why the country could be so split at election time on ideas that were essentially far apart. This theory explained it. Bear with me - we all have a Mommy and we all have a Daddy. So we as citizens tend to go either in the (D) sensitive, caring, compassionate direction (Feminine) or the (R) Protective, Strong, Rules-R-Rules, Masculine party. WE NEED BOTH!! What we have now are evil Dems and Evil Republicans out for self and out for greed and we are in the middle of a collective divorce as a country . OK, I had to give that as background. I am scared and I wanted to see the power that has been granted to a warped, degenorate government watered down a bit. There is abuse. Aaron Swartz was abused. He was threatened. My guess is that he had a choice: rat out friends or go to prison (i think for up to 50 yrs). My wife said to me " he didn't seriously think he would be sent that long, did he? " I answered - Yes, He killed himself. I do not know the answer but this country is becoming more and more evil - god help us!