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  • Aug 16th, 2013 @ 11:20am

    (untitled comment)

    Which just makes it more obvious that Obama was lying when he said he was already planning on launching a transparency campaign even before Snowden's revelations. He wanted this stuff to be buried even deeper. Without Snowden they would have moved to quietly make it even harder for even members of the government to have any oversight.

    This administration, which campaigned on transparency, is the most opaque we've had in a long time. They hate whistle blowers and anyone who goes against their surveillance state.

    Even if it's true that this is the cost of being safer, I don't WANT to pay that cost. I'd rather take the risk of being unsafe and have my privacy. The tiny threat of terrorism isn't worth the potential abuse these programs constitute. They're already being abused by other government agencies like the IRS and DEA.

    I'm not afraid of terrorists, stop using that as an excuse to make me "safer" by making me less free.

  • Aug 12th, 2013 @ 10:34pm


    Unfortunately the majority of the American People do not know about Clapper, are not aware of his lies before Congress, and are not fully informed about the NSA programs recently revealed. This move by Obama will, sadly, probably be enough to placate enough people to stave off real change.

    I don't think we, the technologically literate, will be able to move the needle enough on public outrage to get real change done.

    I'm not sure what to do anymore. I voted for Jill Stein last round, and now vote straight Green Party ticket, I donate to causes like EFF and I talk to my friends and family. It doesn't seem to be enough to counter the billions of dollars working to keep people misinformed, complacent, and docile.