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  • Jul 31st, 2009 @ 11:03am

    Re: SoundExchange

    You've got to be kidding me! Many non-profits pay employees very substantial salaries. I would advise luvyablue1 to wait for a while, and then ask for an audit of the finances of Sound Exchange. Jim and Tammy Bakker were non profit, and look how much they took the public for.

    Wake up and smell the roses (or something else that smells)

  • Jul 31st, 2009 @ 10:50am

    Sound Exchange

    Converstion with Sound Exchange as recalled (recording of phone conversation was requested but permission not granted by Sound Exchange). I have an excellent and accurate memory, and do not forget things.

    The conversation was very close to the following:

    JV - I understand that Sound Exchange is mandating a payment schedule for internet radio broadcasters.

    SE - That's right.

    JV - I will be programming and streaming a station that will carry music that is composed and performed by myself. Will I be subject to royalty payments.

    SE - You should be.

    JV - Then, lets say that I make the mandated payment to you. When will I expect a full refund or payment back from Sound Exchange?

    SE - There would be probably be no payment due to you.

    JV - Why not?

    SE - Since you're a small station and have limited listeners, you probably wouldn't qualify.

    JV - So, I would pay you for the privilige of letting people listen to my own music. Why should I bother?

    SE - By registering and paying, you exhibit your support for the music royalty system.

    JV - That brings me to my second question. I also want to have a talk only station. You don't have any regulations for that, do you?

    SE - Listen, you can use every trick you can think of; but if you even hum a bit of music, you're liable for all payments, and you will be shut down.

    JV - Then it's the "music police" who will be listening, right.

    SE - That's not funny. You people think you can get away with anything. We will use all methods available to enforce our regulations.

    JV - Can I have a list of all the people involved in Sound Exchange.

    SE - It's on the website. (hang up)

    I plan to have streaming stations that will do what is talked about in the above conversation, and would prefer that I pay any performers, or artists directly. I'm appalled that the attitude of the 'broadcast attorney' who talked with me assumed that everyone was trying to scam the world; and I'm also appalled that they are attempting to force artists to pay them when they guarantee that the money will never be coming back to them.

    John Vacek