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  • Dec 14th, 2012 @ 8:30am

    H Touré and Co

    Well the proverbial chickens are now coming home to roost for Member States. They were stupid enough to elect a blathering idiot like Hamadoun Touré in the first place.

    Has no one taken notice of the fact the "Dr Touré" as he likes to call himself even though he does not hold anything more than a fraudulent honorary degree from his Russian friends, was educated in Russia and has extremely close links with its leadership? And then we have the VSG (Zhao) as a Chinese national.....and most likely the person that will try to succeed Touré in next year's elections.....hmm China/Russia and this treaty??? No one smells something putrid here?

    Or shall we talk about Touré's corrupt and incompetent management from his former days as Director of the BDT unit? Former employees have taken Mr. Touré to the ILO Administrative tribunal (do a Google on Triblex) and as a result Members have paid out over $1 million in judgments due to Touré's personal vendettas and outright management incompetence.

    One rapid way of cleaning up the ITU would be to place a limit of a maximum of two terms in ANY elected position. Touré has been part of ITU "management" for 16 years...ditto for Zhao...and if Zhao were to serve two terms as SG, he would break all records with 24 years.