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  • Dec 15th, 2011 @ 5:13pm


    Stop Online Privacy Act

    because that is what happens when you are too LAZY to do the research yourself and just take someone else's word for it.

  • Dec 14th, 2011 @ 7:58pm

    Possible intent...

    I hope a few of you more knowledgeable about the SOPA will weigh in on this...

    I think the intent of SOPA is that the large coporations that want to be on the black list will have to pay the US govt not to go on it. This surge of income will start paying off the deficit and eventually help us overcome the "slump" of the economy. Think of all the jobs it will create "to maintain the infrastructure" and keep the government contracted "custom" software up and running.

    If you really set back and look at it this SOPA thing might not be so bad. I mean think about it, with SOPA you get the following:

    1. No one will be offended on the internet (stop bullying - Check)
    2. No one can "steal" anything online EVER again. (stop copyright infringement - Check
    3. Only wholesome material will be viewed on the internet. (stop porn and gambling - check and check)
    4. This will ensure the internet is "streamlined" (stop the freemarket and overcharging of ISPs - check may come later)
    5. Someone in govt will have an internet switch (on/off) in the interest of the Nation. (Stop Terrorism - Check)
    6. No more DMCA takedown notices. (less paper - Check - however mailing a DMCA TD does help out the US Postal service which isn't doing well right now.)

    All in all a good plan at the end of the day!!! Something we can all stand up for and believe that our government has the best intentions at heart for its people and not something cynical like a lobbying party or big businesses buying changes for themselves with our honest and upstanding elected officials.

    When you see SOPA... say thank you!!!