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I am Robert Griffin, I have already been an expert pet groomer for more than twenty years, and have had my fair share of having to deal with fleas. I helped produce this site as well as the content material to share my wealth of understanding of flea control so that others might discover a little relief from the annoying insects. had been released in 2012 to provide the definitive resource on the web for flea control information. The website is based upon the idea that one needs to stick to a certain series of steps, as well as maintain a regular program of flea control, to become effective in the long term.

Please keep in mind that our own web site is created for informational purposes only. It's a very helpful resource, but it's not intended to be professional veterinarian advice. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian just before using almost any flea control products, especially those that contain insecticides or any other toxic ingredients.

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