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  • Jul 9th, 2013 @ 10:41am

    Re: Where did our country go?

    "I was raised in the 60's. I have never before in my life felt as frustrated to be an American as I am now. I still love my country, deeply; but I'm very afraid of my government. They no longer represent the people."

    I am not american and don't live in america. I grew up in the 60s too and I grew up to admire and believe in and respect america. I admired Kennedy and even Johnson, I admired the justice system and the people. I admired how the people and the press dealt with Nixon.

    But something happened when Clinton was President. The right wing element in american society abandoned justice, they abandoned civility, they abandoned most of that democracy means except for the voting part. Since then I have watched a country that is, and I do not think I am exaggerating here, falling apart from the inside. I have watched a political system self destruct and is now not fit for purpose, and a 'military complex' and intelligence machine that is so deeply ingrained into all of the tentacles of power that I fear there is no escape.
    As for not representing the people, I see it another way. I see a people who have abandoned their political system and handed it over to big business and big money.
    For the first time in my life I really feel it when I see americans say 'god bless america'. It really needs it.

  • Jul 9th, 2013 @ 10:31am


    The unfortunate truth is that the American people were essential frightened witless by the 11/9 attack on New York, and in response handed over every piece of liberty and freedom to the Government Security apparatus.

    The Bush administration manipulated that fear and and rode it like a champion surfer, screwing every inch of advantage through the Patriot Act, and others.

    Behind all of this fear is are bogus claims of "if it saves one life" and "we are at war".

    This is what the security agencies use when they arm-lock every politicians and every congressman and every President - and what they sell to every gullible american too lazy to actually 'think'.

    Politicians are easy meat on this, because they are scared witless that if they say no, and ONE person is killed, they will be blamed. AVOID ALL BLAME is the first principle of political life in the USA.

    The people buy this nonsense because they are far too lazy to 'think'.

    In a country of 300 Million people, Osama Bin Laden managed to frighten the hell out of them by killing less than 3,000 of them on one awful day. He failed to achieve any success before that or since. But that one attack has turned the US and it's people into shivering wrecks who have handed their lives over to the dark security agencies, lock stock and barrel.

    Until Americans stand up and say NO. WE ARE NOT FRIGHTENED ... You can kill a few of us. You can kill tens or dozens of us. Do your best. But we will NOT abandon the principles we have fought for for hundreds of years!

    Until that time comes, then Bin Laden has achieved the most stunning and comprehensive victory over America and everything it stood for, that has ever been achieved in history.