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  • Jun 8th, 2012 @ 1:58am

    Re: Re: Re: I Am Confused by Techdirt

    Okay well then help me out with this one. I left a Dr.'s office on my own. Went through my file the day I left because my Dr. had recently hired his "angry wife" as the office manager". She was mean & rude. We got a copy of my file the day I left. 2 weeks later I go to interview a potential new Dr. and he tells me that he's unsure they can accept me since my last office FIRED me for violent behavior and stealing meds-he had a 3 page letter from this dr.'s wife at the front of my file. Long story short, I filed with the state & OCR-HHS & they said the Dr. did nothing wrong. So I wrote on a rating review site, "not a good Dr., stay far away from this place." Where his wife in turn posted 6 times with my first & last name for all the world to see my private medical information... & they then went on to sue me for 100,000.00$. Besides the fact it was impossible to find to find a Dr. after his wife placed that note in my file & I was 6 weeks out of having a hamstring tenotomy that required 4-6 months of P.T. which I was unable to receive, I have nerve damage & an unbelievable jagged 15 in scar, (among 4 other surgeries I also never needed) & the tenotomy should've been done arthroscopically.

  • Jun 8th, 2012 @ 1:15am

    Re: Re: Yelp and free speach

    Excellent customer service idea & I would totally return based on the complaining customer's reaction; they would totally reveal their true colors.