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  • Mar 26th, 2014 @ 9:57am

    Re: Re: I wouldn't want to receive a text

    So very true and I agree totally. The Malaysian government has been anything but transparent. They tell the families one thing one day and the next day something else. TEXTING from an airline to the families that all aboard are lost at sea. No one has even seen confirmation of any debris. The part of the world is a wasteland of debris because like many sea captains admitted, this is where they would dump all their garbage. Until the plane is found that text should never have gone out. The families are so confused one day to the next and if it were your child or your parents brothers or sisters, you would want to see better transparency.

  • Mar 26th, 2014 @ 9:46am

    (untitled comment)

    Sob story or distraction, look your stories of this being a distraction is just as much a theory as it being a real tragedy of 239 people being lost at sea and perhaps never found. Where is your compassion and why the heck are you bringing politics into a horrible story. These people aren't in any way distracting us from Snowden and why do you so think your government is out to get you.

    I've read so many of these people who think everything happens because its a cover up to what's going on today. Links to Snowden and a distraction are borderline schizophrenia. You need to get help. To think that the west would use this as a distraction while Russia invades the Ukraine is simply nuts.

    Russia in the past thirty years have been doing quite well without the Ukraine, to enter a sovereign nation is nothing less then total disregard to anyone or any country. Many parts of Russia are ravished with total poverty and while Putin and his circle abuse their powers and take away from the Russian people which is truly theirs. The Ukraine was the bread basket of Europe and was rich in farmland and fed much of Russia as well as Europe. The people of the Ukraine couldn't be happier. Now they are forced to choose sides and because Russia thinks it can just walk in and take away more from the Ukraine is similiar to what Hitler did. Just take and if you don't give we will shoot you.

    Can you not see the repeat in history? Although Russia doesn't have any allies period and are for the most part just playing bullies. Well we will see what the world will say and answer with. Putin won't be laughing long while his country financial systems go bankrupt and people who back him will turn their backs on him because the west will freeze all their assets.

    No one wanted this, the United States are on the brink of depression and it wouldn't be in their best interest to have the Ukraine as part of it's problem. The US has enough of their own and most of us see it. So if you vote then you can whine all you want and that's the time to voice your complaints. It's called democracy and thanks to those before me, Im thankful everyday. Im not a flag waving American and although you might think differently. Please leave the dead to their families. Let them grieve and stop this nonsense of conspiracy theories.